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ginolioo 24th January 2011 08:22 PM

technical aspects from new quad 2011
Hi, i bought a Quad 77l,to substitue the Quad 76l 2010. The first impression is that the new are more technical and to drive the fins and the foot mast to the ideal mach point it will take several rides. My question is if anyone can help me with this?!?:rolleyes:

My suggestion is why the starboard didnīt impress on the board a scale for the back fins? like they made for the fins in use (side, on and of shore):eek:

kind regards

Unregistered 25th January 2011 08:18 PM

Hi there

good choice with the new quad :-)

I 've had mine a while and have found a magic setting - big fins at the back small ones in the front both in the middle of their adjustment range.

Both sets of straps nearly or all the way forward - mast foot 2/3 back in the track for a 5.0 middle for a 4.0


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