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emil 2nd February 2011 07:46 PM

isonic127 sail NP and fins
Just ordered the isonic 127. Planning to use the board with 9.5 and 7.8 sail NP. (is the 9.5 to big for this board?....)
I'm 76kg experienced surfer but not a pro.

The 9.5m is for extreme light conditions where make the board planing is probably more important than the top performances. It's not clear to me which one of the two racing sail from NP (slalom or racing) can make me achieve the goal. I know it's not a NP forum but an help to ride my isonic better is very welcome.

Back to the fin/sail recommandation:
Planning to order R16 SLALOM Deboichet.
Can you recommend the best fins in my case for 9.5 and 7.8?

PS: still have a 46cm SL1 Deboichet from my last board in a very good condition. Do you think can be useful or cannot match the performance of the R16?

Remi 3rd February 2011 06:01 AM

Hi Emil

Is it for racing or have fun with friends.
For extrem light winds ok but at this time the Ultra Sonic will be the machine with your 9.5. Go up wind, reaching & down wind with performance who is close to a Formula with a lot more fun and less painful :)
In my opinion for racing you get to big for board and sail, 117 Wide and 8.6 should be ok. For info Steve Allen who is 80 kgs choose the 117 Wide same for Shurmam at 76 kgs.

I see that you take also the 107 and the 7.8 will be much better on this board.

All the best

emil 3rd February 2011 11:31 PM

Hi Remi,
thanks for the quick answer. I ordered already the 127 and it will come soon. So unfortunately I have to deal with it. What it's not clear to me is if a 9.5m sail is the right choice for the 127 or it's too big and I could feel better on a 8.6. Read in another thread that a 9.0 could be a perfect sail for the 127 but NP and other sail makers are not using this size. What is your suggestion?

Remi 4th February 2011 07:03 AM

Hi Emil

The 9.5 will be excellent on the 127, I just said that for racing in slalom it will be to big to get the best performance but for extrem light winds performances it will be nice. Just the Ultra Sonic will be better.
For extreme light wind performances you will be fine with it and after go to your 107 with 7.8.
Have fun
All the best

SeanAUS120 11th February 2011 02:46 PM

Emil, 9.5m should be perfect on the 127. I'll be running a 9.3 on this board on the PWA this year (fairly similar sizing). I even tried it with a 9.9m on the weekend and it's pretty nice for lightwind cruising - a little sticky in the gybes but still great fun.

The R16 will be a much better upgrade over the SL1. Also the 46cm might be on the small size with +9m sails. The R16's have a wider profile through the middle of the fin I believe; also they are much more upright so generate a lot more lift to get the nose of the board lifting a little more which helps fly it in light winds. I'll be running 48-50cm R16's in this board I think.

If you don't want to shell out on a new fin, try cutting 1-2mm off the front/back of the fin head and rake your 46cm about 2-3cm more upright in your box (so the head of the fin sits inside the finbox 2mm at the front). This should give you a bit more lift ;-)

Marko CRO169 14th February 2011 01:25 PM

To Remi,

I know that you developed the iSonics primarily with Deb. fins. However, have you ever tried iS127 or iS107 (I ordered these boards) with Tectonics Talon fins? In your opinion, how would Talons work with these iSonics?


emil 14th February 2011 02:56 PM

Thanks Sean for your helpful info. I will go for the 9.5m (still undecided about the NP to choose: racing or slalom).
I will buy for sure a R16 for the 9.5 but I'm not completely convinced about the size 50 or 52 cm. My usual race are on a 8 course and in light wind with strong sea current. I've never ridden an isonic so forgive my hesitation.
The moment the wind picks up I'll move to the 107 with a 7.8 (fin SL4 40 or 42?). Just if I find those strange days with a very gusty wind and big lulls I'll take the 127 with the 7.8 and a 46 fin. Just for now (no more money in my pocket after buying 2 isonic, 3 race sail and 2 deboichet fins) and for these few days I'll use my old SL1, but I'll move to R16 as soon as possible.
Your suggestion about the fin size is very welcome.

Remi 16th February 2011 05:50 AM

Hi Emil

The best R16 for racing at your weight will be 50 to get better speed, you will not feel the difference to get planning but in speed yes.

All the best

Remi 16th February 2011 05:56 AM

Hi Marko

Yes of course and this fins are very good fins in small size particularly but for a board like the 127 who love to get a fin who lift a lot, G10 doesn't give you this effect like do the R16. By the way for people who ride the board totally flat might work.

For the 107 it's a good one but go for R16 for the 127

Hope this help

All the best

Ken 16th February 2011 09:39 PM


I have not used a Talon, but I do have a Tomcat 42 for my iS 111 (best with my 7.6 sail in 13-18 knots). It's a great fin and if the Talons are equal to, or better than the Tomcat, then you can't go wrong. I haven't used any Deb slalom fins, so I can't compare.

I also use the Tomcat 42 with my 6.6 sail in 15 - 22 knots. A little big for these conditions, but it still works well. I weigh 77kg.

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