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MOP 5th February 2011 10:21 PM

Kode 112 + ncx = slalomfin ?
I have a kode 112 WC 2010 and a ncx 8.0 and ncx pro 6.5.

The fin supplied is Drake freeride glide 38.
What kind of speed/"race" performance potential has this board?
Is there any point in bying an additional fin, a venom c3 , Drake slalom pro or deboichet for speeding?

If so, what fin and size?

Thanks for any answers



willy 8th February 2011 03:42 AM

Hi, seems no team member at spot. The Code is an exellente freeride/slalom board not a speed nor race one. You can get the most of it going downwind or long legs with little effort with a Venom 40 depending you weight could be 42, if you ussually go upwing and overtaking your budies go for a Sting 38 or 40, it is similar as SL2 but faster and easier at chop.
Just my two cents.

PG 8th February 2011 12:55 PM

You could also look at Select fins for reasonably priced quality fins. Something like the the S11 SLAM in a 37 or 39 cm size?

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