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peter stuyvesant 8th February 2011 12:57 AM

beginner board
hi, i'm a 105 kg, 45yr old beginner having only had about 6 hours of lessons. i'm wanting to buy a board which i will use both for inland water and later when i improve, in the ocean.
I'm looking for a board that i will manage as a complete novice but i also do not want to have to upgrade in a couple of months time. Would a Go 175 be suitable or what would you suggest?

Roger 8th February 2011 04:17 AM

Hello Peter,
At 105 Kg. ( 231 lbs.) the Go 175 is going to be a bit marginal for volume, unless you have been using
a 170-180 liter board for your 6 hours of lessons.
The Go 175 does not have a centerboard...... did you take your lessons on a board with a centerboard in it?
Something with around 200 liters of volume might make getting from where you are (perhaps not planing
yet?) to fully planing without a centeboard/daggerboard/centerfin significantly easier for you.
If you are already planing on a 180 liter short board without a center board, then yes, the GO 175 (GO 171 for 2011) would be a good choice.
Hope this helps,

peter stuyvesant 8th February 2011 10:32 AM

Hi Roger

My lessons where on a 200L Starboard without daggerboard(don't remember which model). I however did not plane with it. What board do you suggest bearing in mind that i don't want to upgrade in a couple of months.

Roger 8th February 2011 11:06 AM

Hi Peter,
OK, now that we are clear on your skill level, I think the GO 175/171 is probably your best choice.
It may be a little more difficult to uphaul than the 200 liter you've been on (a bit less "float" and perhaps a little more "tippy" due to not being as wide) but you will get beyond that fairly quickly.
It will also allow you to progress and may continue to be your "light wind planer" board for many years to
come. Good choice!

peter stuyvesant 8th February 2011 10:03 PM

Hi Roger

Thanks for the advice, i think i'll get for the Go 171/175.


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