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Unregistered 12th February 2011 11:47 PM

Evo 80 lightwait bump and jump
hi I am seeing many evo 80s floating round cheaply (older and new). I am only a 52 kg 14 year old but need something or around 20-40 knots on a lake, I have a tight budget and can't really afford any newer things than this. I need something above 56 cm as otherwise I struggle to tack and uphill can waterstart but in case it really drops it also doesn't need to be that fast just controllable does the evo sound good?

Unregistered 13th February 2011 05:03 AM

evo 80 will be a light wind wave board for you, 5.7 from 10-15 knots, 5.0 from 15-18 knots, it will work as a b+j board if sailed very powered up but you won.t pass anybody unless you find one of the newer xtv models. for 20knots you will want an evo 62, which is still fully uphaulable at your size. 40knots will be doable in the realm of custom boards.

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