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Gigi ITA-167 14th February 2011 08:42 PM

i-sonic 137 and 117
Hi Remy, i'm wrtiting from Grada Lake.
I'm 95kg and 185cm
The last year I have used tre i-sonic 131-111-94 with the gastra vapor sails.
in the competion i have some problem with the marginale conditions so forn the 2011 i'm waiting the new 137 for the severne reflexII 9,3. I will try my old fins: 51 select elite 07,hurricane 49, select elite s10 47.
The last year with medium wind the 111 was for me too little (in 2009 i used an exocet 71 with 118liters) and this year 2011 i will take a 117 - 75 for the sverne reflex 7,8:
is the right choiche or is too close the 137??

Is possibile to use the slelect 41 or hurricane 38?

With the 94-2010 i will use the reflexII 7,0.

Gigi ITA-167 15th February 2011 11:04 PM

Remy is better with the 137 i-sonic the Severne 9,2 or 9,7?
9,7 is a formula sail?
So is better:
137 i-sonic with 9,7 or 9,2 ?
117 or 107 i-sonic with 8,6 or 7,8 ?
94 (2010) with 7,0 ?

mark h 16th February 2011 03:52 AM

Hi Gigi, sorry to jump in.

I do not think the 9.7m is formula, 9.2m will not be big enough for heavy gauges like BD.

I am guessing you had the older iS94 and you are thinking of getting the 2010 iS94 to replace it? Your Hurrican 38 will be fine, but the Select 41 will be a little to big:(

If you struggled last year in super light stuff, you better getting 9.7m to go with the iS137. But 9.7m to 7.8m is big jump. In Garda the 7.8m is a usefull size to have and I guess you want this size. You might have to get a 7.8, 8.6 and 9.7 to get the best all-round.

If you found the iS111 to small sometimes, then the iS117-75 got to be good for you. Will be good with 7.8m and 8.6m. Plus, if you did have the older iS94, the 2010 iS94 is more "power ride" compared to older model, so iS94 to iS117-75 will be better.

Just my 2 cents worth, Remi will say if Im wrong:)

Remi 16th February 2011 05:34 AM

Hi Gigi

This is my recommendation for this particular place that spent already 3 times

iSonic 137 with Reflex II 9.7 & 8.6
iSonic 117 with Reflex II 8.6 & 7.8
iSonic 94 with Reflex II 7.8 & 7.0

This is your you will be really well :)

All the best

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