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windsurferdagg 2nd February 2007 03:26 AM

any winter stuff that helps windsurfing
hey guys, i live in canada where winters can be harsh with cold and snow. I was wondering if there are any things i can do with snow other than kite winging that will help me be able to get right back on the kit as soon as spring hits

any help at all is appreciated cause i think im starting to go into withdrawl from lack of windsurfing...


Phill104 2nd February 2007 06:10 AM

RE: any winter stuff that helps windsurfing
You could always attach a small sail to a snowboard or you could get one of these

James 2nd February 2007 08:26 PM

RE: any winter stuff that helps windsurfing
I've never sailed on snow, but some of your fellow Canadians seem to be pretty serious about snow and ice windsurfing. Check out the commerically available "snowfer"

It appears to be a versatile snow and ice board that uses a normal windsurfing sail. The videos are cool!

Or build your own sled with some old skis, plywood, and a u-joint. There was an article about this in the recent Windsurfing Magazine (US).

Del Carpenter 3rd February 2007 09:30 AM

RE: any winter stuff that helps windsurfing
If I had a long enough season I would get a Snowfer.

Make sure you wear a very serious helmet. Mine saved me from a concussion when I slipped and hit the ice with the back of the helmet (instead of my head).

My cheap solution for hardpacked snow was attaching a mast base to a toboggan. For sailing on ice I added some hardware store "angle iron" as "blades". It won't go upwind, but it will go faster across the wind on ice or hard packed snow than I am willing to go. i reinforced the toboggan where the mast base and angle iron is attached. i use a set of blades next to the mast base area and a set at the stern.

Winter sailing greatly improved my high wind control because as soon as you get going in the winter the lack of friction makes the steering very sensitive to tiny changes in the pressure you apply. has some pictures of sailors using a board called a Freeskate and also kites.

Whatever you use for equipment I think you"ll find snow and ice sailing is great fun.

-Lampi- 3rd February 2007 07:55 PM

RE: any winter stuff that helps windsurfing

For me the best winter alternative to windsurfing is windskating. You put a small sail (about 4.5m2) on a skateboard (you have to attach a base to the skate - drill a hole in it). Go to an empty parking space or a basketball field or something and try it. It's really fun you can do all the moves that you could do with a windsurf. If you want you can put footstraps on the skate but i don't like them because they increase the chance of injury.

Also just snowboarding is good. Just try jibbing around, like doing 360 spins on the floor or you do like an 180 into a nosepress and then another 180. It's great freestyle practice.

Or you can build a windskate and take off the wheels from the skate and add some metal blades to the front and rear end of the skate. That way you can ride it on snow.

I've also seen people using skates with a ''big foot'' ski under it and riding that.

Whatever you do, be carefull. Snow and ice can be dangerous and if you get hurt and break something (like i did) you could end up watching other people windsurfing in the spring. So I strongly reccomend you to get a helment and some protection for your back. If you fall, keep your hands close to your body and avoid falling onto them if you don't want broken wrists.

Have fun!

o2bnme 3rd February 2007 09:00 PM

RE: any winter stuff that helps windsurfing
Find a swimming pool and do laps. Do a variety of strokes. Besides the cardio, it is a great way to tone a wide range of muscles. I sense you are asking about a sport, and people have commented. I get to sail through the winter, but not as much as I would like. Swimming helps keep me in shape for the Spring. Also, I have something to help strengthen my forearms. These are my weakest link in the Spring if I have been good to swim a few times per week -- I usually average 5-6 miles per week of swimming.

windsurferdagg 4th February 2007 05:44 AM

RE: any winter stuff that helps windsurfing
oh man the snowfer looks amazing. I might have to get one... lol i also need to get a new wetsuit because as people have probably figured out, canadian springs and falls are pretty cold too. At least the water won't be frozen...

thanks a lot for all your help everyone, if i get one i will be sure to but up some picts

windsurferdagg 28th February 2007 07:49 AM

RE: any winter stuff that helps windsurfing
hey everyone, just got back from some windskiing session. My friend scott macdonald built the first windski, im designing the second one

attached is a picture he took of me taking it out in id say around 14 knots... GPS said 22 km/h


nvm, can't get the picture to attach

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