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bno 14th March 2011 08:02 AM

Isonic Range Lightwind and speed
hey guys,

this year i change my complete stuff to starboard. i participate in various speed competitions mostly in choppy conditions.

im 192cm and 85kg

my sailrange is 8,6 7,8 7,0 6,2 and 5,6 Reflex2

For Funspeed Events and gusty light to medium winds i think to take the iS117 or 117 wide.

For Speed Events at medium winds at choppy conditions i thought about the iS 90 or 87 or iS Speed W58

And for medium and stronger winds i think about the iS Speed W49

So i ask you for your suggestions.

thanks for your help - bno

Maximus 14th March 2011 07:42 PM

I like this combo for you

W54 7.8/7.0/6.2 - 7.0 being the sweet one.
And go on you know you want a W44 6.2/5.6

mark h 15th March 2011 03:12 AM

For usefull crossover between all boards:


For maximum wind range:
iS117 wide/8.6/7.8


bno 15th March 2011 04:33 AM

Thanks for your answers.
which board do yo think is best board for me in choppy conditions? most competitions in germany are in very choppy conditions so the mixture of speed and controll is mostly important for me.
iS 90, iS 87 or W58

I think the iS speed specials are best for flat water - correct me if im wrong…

Remi 15th March 2011 06:58 AM

Hi Bno

Foe HARD choppy condition regarding to your weight and sails, this is my suggestion :

iSonic 117 Wide 8.6/7.8
iSonic 87 7.0/6.2
iSonic W54 if it's not too much chooppy

All the best

Maximus 15th March 2011 12:27 PM

I would go the W58 over the I90 or I87, even if its choppy

Erik Loots 15th March 2011 06:42 PM

Hi Benno!

You know my opinion, all boards will be fun to ride for sure :). Just since you really say its choppy (open water) do 2 slalomboards and one speed special for these 1 - 2 days per year you can break personal records.

The midboard is for me always the hardest decision, I liked iSonic 94 (2010) - iSonic 86 (2010) - Futura 93 (2011). The iSonic 86 was a step smaller when comparing these 3, and one time this was a benefit for me. Very very choppy water, small entrance course, gusts over 40kn. The iSonic 86 behaved very well with Reflex 6.2 for my 80kg and this resulted in a peak speed of 42kn :), that was the 2010 spotrecord (with strong contenders). I guess the iS94 or Futura 93 would be a tiny bit slower but still very competitive.

The iSonic 94 or Futura 93 however were like 10 next sessions (<30kn gusts) faster. Buying every board is not the best solution either (because we don't have all 24/7 to find windsurf trim). Conclusion was overall a 90 liter board would have more benefits for me in a 3 board quiver.

The big board 117 Wide and 107 are very very mean speedmachines :). I am lucky there is a 117 wide testmodel at the local shop, so I could try. I don't know the 117, but 117 wide was as fast as 107 till 20kn gusts (tested in choppy water) No big difference on GPS anyway. I remember doing twice the windspeed in 16-17kn gusts measured at 10m height with the local weather station.

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