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jamieedodger 7th February 2007 06:09 AM

A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S
Ok, so here goes.... I am going to buy a Starboard Carve, however i have no idea whether the board will sink/float. I am around 55kg, and the wind conditions are usually around 20-30mph at derwent resevoir where I windsurf.. The two boards I have been looking at are the 111 and 122, it has to be either one of them, obviously the 111 will sink more when i stand on it, but will it sink all together in around 10mph wind conditions? I tried a 2004 Carve 144 and it was just not right to sail in for me personally. I found it incredibly uncomfortable and couldnt execute any freestyle moves or even a carve jibe. So thats why I am going for either the 111 or 122, so any help :S? And if anyone has a way of calculating this i would love to know... Thanks

steveC 7th February 2007 09:34 AM

RE: A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S
Hi jamieedodger,

At 55kg, even the Carve 101 would definitely be a big time floater for you. With virtually no wind, you should be able to float and balance it in no sweat. If you're accurate that wind conditions are usually in the 20-30mph range, I truly think that the Carve 101 might be too much volume, especially if standing chop is a concern. Frankly, you need to ask yourself a bit more about the true wind averages. If wind averages are more realistically in the 10-15mph range, that's a whole different game, and a much higher volume board would be the call. What size sails do you anticipate using?

crazychemical 7th February 2007 01:28 PM

RE: A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S
my dealer always told me: beginner: your weight + 40 and it floats, every liter extra is just extra balance and even +40 is a looot of balance. Intermediate: +25-30, advanced: whatever you want. I agree with steveC, take a 101 because the 111 and 122 are going to be doors for you. And considering your wieght and where you surf, you may want to be looking for a board with a sailrange between 3.5 and 5.5 m??, 6m?? at most.

-Lampi- 7th February 2007 08:48 PM

RE: A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S

I'm about your weight...:D just under 60 kg

If i had to choose between the 111 and 122, i'd take 111. But unless you are a real beginner, the best choice would be 101. You can put on all the sails you are going to need (from 3.5 up to like 7.0). It will give you good stability in non-planning conditions so you will be able to do all the tricks you want. If you are used to sail big boards, you will probably be having trouble adjusting to 100 litres, but once you've done that, you will see you've made a great decision to go with the 101.

All the best

Guest 8th February 2007 02:29 AM

RE: A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S
hi, i would say 111 or 101 would be good for you, im learning short boarding on a bic veloce from 1997, its 120 ltrs but its 59cm wide from the long thin era but it floats with me on it in lighter and i can uphaul with a bit of delicate trim, at 59cm wide even the 101 wider than that so will probably feel quite stable. So i would say the 111 (or 101 if your feeling abitious) would be good for you. hope it helps :)

jamieedodger 8th February 2007 04:57 AM

RE: A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S
HEY guys, thanks a lot for your help, Im now considering the 101/111 forgotten the 122 ;).. Yea the wind conditions are usually pretty damn gusty up here, and yea there are days when the wind drops off completely but I would only be going up to sail in 15-30mph winds (I might of been exadgerating a little there when i said 20-30)... which are normal, and luckily I have bought a 6 meter sail. To "steveC", I've just bought a 6m sail as I just said, however I went up to the water spot on sunday and everyone told me that I would be lucky to use the 6m, they were all using 3.5 and then upping it to a 4m when the wind dropped, so Im thinking about getting 2 more sails, 4meter and 5meter along with the 6 I have allready bought.. The wind for the next 3 days is forecast to go, Thursday 12mph, Friday 17mph, Saturday 23mph, just a quick example of the wind speed. So is the 101/111 the appropriate choice? Thanks

steveC 8th February 2007 07:06 AM

RE: A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S
Hi jamieedodger,

At my weight of about 70kg, the ideal one board quiver would probably be the 100 liter board, especially if one didn't have to concentrate on the absolute minimums. So, at your weight, I wouldn't exceed the 101 range. If I was to suggest a small sail quiver, it would be a 4.2 and 5.0. With your new 6.0 you'll be greatly positioned to handle the 15-30mph range. However, I would suggest thinking about the mean average wind speed, as I believe that it is a better guide in selecting the right sail.

Don't forget to think about some different sized (designed) fins, as they will help you balance a single board quiver in a realistic way, especially if windspeeds pick up to notable levels.

Guest 8th February 2007 08:30 PM

RE: A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S
Hi Jamiee,

One more thing for you to consider is that 3.5 and 4.0 sails won't much very well with either 111 or 122 Carves. They'll be sailable but uncomfortable. Sort of riding a byclicle with the seat way to high ;)
I had aC111 once and it's a great board you'll find it too big for the strongest conditions you mentioned.
If you choose the C101 don't worry you won't sink it even with a 6.0 sail. You'll have to get used to being more precise in your movements but that comes with time. Also you'll be able to uphaul if needed.

My two cents,

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