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zakinjo 8th February 2007 04:06 AM

Active evo xtv
Can you please tell me what does active stand for on the evo series. it looks almost the same as wood edition. What is the difference?

Thank you in advace...

Ian Fox 8th February 2007 12:00 PM

RE: Active evo xtv
Hi Zakinjo,

Active is a new form of construction that has been developed carefully over the past few years especially by Per Andersson and Eric Metrot. It is based on introducing a controlled (design) amount of flex into certain sections of a primarily hollow board/hull in order to improve the ride/handling/response of the board - rather than simply reducing the overall weight.

It is a different process/construction to previous SPACE and other "hollow" technologies - and should not be confused with these.

The external appearance (using wood deck laminate) results in a board that is very similar in apperance to normal Wood constuction, so much so that most Active boards in early tests were never even noticed to be "different".

Currently there is a specific development in conjunction with Scotty based around the Evo model to further refine this. Currently a limited number of "evolution" EVO boards are in extended test/trial (EValuation) with Active technology.

Cheers ~ Ian

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