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ducati 3rd April 2011 09:12 PM

Weed fin recomendation
What size Weed fin would suit my old Starboard 186, which I use for 8-12kn only?
I run a 9m Sailworks Retro, am 85kg and normally run a 65 upright fin.
Looking at a True Ames Shallow Water Weed and trying to decide between the 44cm and the 51
I don't have a weed problem but sail in shallow water a lot.

Also What size would suit a Isonic 122 with a 7.5 sail? Water Weed

Roger 3rd April 2011 10:06 PM

Hi Ducati,
The 51 cm Shallow Water works well with a 9.0 Retro.
The 44 cm might be slightly small for your big Retro, but if your water depth is < 55 cm you may not have a
A really good alternative that is as good or better but in a smaller package is the Lessacher Duo Formula weed at 40 cm. I use this fin all the time and the concave/convex "Duo" foil really works and the fin is quite fast (for a weed fin especially) and points very well for a weed fin.
Another US brand that works extremely well is the Tangent Dynamics Reaper.
I use a 46 cm for wide boards (> 86 cm) and for your Isonic 122 (I've sailed the 122 extensively in very shallow water at Lac Bay in Bonaire) the 39 cm is perfect for 7.5.
The Lessacher duo 36 is also really sweet on the iS 122/121.
Hope this helps,

ducati 4th April 2011 05:18 PM

Thanx heaps for your reply Roger,
Would the Lessacher Duo Formula weed at 40 cm really have enough or the same lift as the
True Ames 51cm?
Seems very short for a formula board but sounds great if it works?
Who in the US is the main dealer for Tangent Dynamic Reaper?
Thanx Arnold

Roger 4th April 2011 06:55 PM

Hi Arnold,
Until I tried the 40 cm Lessacher Formula Duo Weed, I was very skeptical as well.
Now that I have many hours sailing on this fin, I understand.
Yes, it gives the same lift as a larger foil.
Yes, its short for a formula board, but any weed fin on a formula board will feel quite different
that and 65-70 cm vertical formula fin.
The Tangent Reapers should be available at Southport Rigging in Kenosha, WI and at Wind NC, in Avon,
Hope this helps,

Lessacher 18th April 2011 01:40 AM

Hallo! That what I work are: 24 28 32 36 and 40cm. Name is Formula Duo Weed. Rake 45.
100% carbon.They are 5cm wider than the normal Duo Weed.Roger,thank you,for that what you wrote.

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