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rikys2 17th April 2011 07:40 AM

For remi
I live in a place where the wind is between 7 and 12 knots. I use to windsurf a lot but 20 years ago...........i have a hellcat sail 7.7 and would like to buy a board...........which do you think is the best "carve 171" ,"ultrasonic" or the phantom 320......................i weight 195 pounds and would like to use for cruising and have some fun.
Thank you.

Remi 18th April 2011 09:02 AM

Hi Rikys2,

On which board you was using 20 years ago?

With that sail to enjoy in this range wind, I recommend you the Phantom Race 320.

For UltraSonic 147 will be better to have a bigger sail like the Turbo 9.2 to get going at your weight and enjoy very early planning around 8 knots depend of your skill.

Carve 171 will plane later but afraid you can do anything under minimum 10/11 knots

All the best

rikys2 18th April 2011 10:49 PM

Well, it was really 30 years ago and it was a very big tornado board and it was in venezuela.
Another question.......what do you think of phantom 380 ????????? Do you think it would be better in lightwind than the 320 ????????? Do starboard sell sails ?????
Which do you think would bee the perfect sail for the 320 and the 380 in that wind conditions ????????
Thank you very mutch remi for all your help.

Remi 20th April 2011 05:30 AM

Hi Rikys 2

It was nice to ride this Division 2, I do this during many years :)
So in this case go for the Phantom Race 380, is really a machine for light winds and you will really enjoy to ride on the rail at hi speed.
Starboard make one Race-board sail in 9.5 and Severne also. The Severne is more light winds orientation and very light. Last I was on this combo and take a lot of Fun :)

All the best

justforfun888 26th April 2011 04:59 AM

i agree with rémi
I had a sail Starboad. I think the Severn is easier to trim and lighter .
see this link:
there you have information about sails
good luck

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