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Unregistered 20th April 2011 05:32 PM

futura 111 and old tabou rocket
Hi guys... from one years i'm thinking change my windsurf board. I'm lookin about this fantastic board.
Now i have tabou rocket year 2008 (standard edition blue color) 115Lt (239.9x64 i think 115lt is not so real).
I'm happy for this tabou.. but now i have good idea to change my windsurf-toy.
Normally my spot is in Lake Of Garda and i use it with sails: Point7 6.5, Challenger 5.4 FreeMove or Challenger 5.0 Wave when the wind is not so good. For hight wind i use other little board.
So... i'd like change with futura in wood or carbon 111Lt (for use with sail 5.0, too).
I think 122lt is not so good with sail 5.0 or 5.4. Is too big.
Is the futura 111 more different then mine actual tabou rocket 115? Or my tabou-115 is like futura-111?
My weith is 87kg....


PG 20th April 2011 07:49 PM

I have personally tried neither board, but I believe the Rocket 115 can be characterized as a Freemove-Freeride crossover, while the Futura is a Freeride-Slalom crossover.

Unregistered 21st April 2011 02:10 PM

Ok... but what change beetween my rocket and futura? Can you explain me?

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