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isonic 28th April 2011 05:51 PM

Lightwind fin for Isonic 131

I want to replace the DRAKE 52 R13 when sailing with RSR 9.0 (9-15 knts)

Which fin is the best for early planing and excellent upwind performances, but still easy to control if the wind goes up ? I'm not looking for downwing performance, because i already have two Select S10 49 & 45 for higher wind. My weight is 72 kg.

S10 53 ?
S11 51 or 53 ?
R20 52 ? (but more expansive and not easy to find)



mark h 28th April 2011 09:50 PM

S11 giving more power than S10. S11 49/51cm would be good all-rounder, but since you need max early planing & high pointing go with S11 53cm. S11 53cm will feel like "one size" bigger than your Drake:)

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