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jary 7th May 2011 09:26 PM

iSonic 117 carbon; what type of fin?
Hello team!
I have ordered a new iSonic 117 carbon.
I have tryed to get in contact with Deboichet for bying a Deboichet R16 44 fin, but without any luck..

But the lokal store has Drake-fins (only tuttle-models, no deep tuttle models).
Is it a good substitute to bye a Drake R13 Race NR 44 compare to the Deboichet R16 44? Or is the Deboichet R16 44 a much better fin than the Drake R13 Race NR 44 fin?

Does the fin a choose have to be a deep tuttle model (recomended by Starboard) or is it ok to use a tuttle model?


Remi 10th May 2011 05:40 AM

Hi Jacob,

Deboichet is Custom fins and price are definitely not the same because they use better material, so they are better than Drake.

Did you send all this information to Deboichet :

Order, Address and Credit Card Number to register your Order?

You can use without problems simple Tuttle in deep Tuttle box.

All the best

jary 10th May 2011 08:44 PM

Hi Remi
Thank you for your answer!


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