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Crash 15th May 2011 05:41 PM

Small Sail Formula Exspierence
I understand th Formula Experience board is the same as the Starboard 160 Formula Board but different construction?
I was fascinated to read Remi on the recent light wind forum that sails as small as 6.5 are used on the Formula Experience board?

I take my 160 with me abroad as Iíve found I get much more time on the water.
I weigh 70 kilos use the 160 with standard fin.
My favourite sail is my Naish 10 meter slalom pro.
Just wondering what fins are used lower down the sail range on the 160?



Remi 16th May 2011 11:13 AM

Hi Crash

The kids who are using 6.5 for Racing on the Formula Experience use between 66 and 68. Remember that Formula racing is up wind and down wind, so if you want to perform on reach you can use 62 to be fast.

All the best

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