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Guest 16th February 2007 10:22 AM

F-Type 158
Sailed my new F-type today. Used a Neil Pryde 9.0 What a big change from my GO 200 !! I really feel every bit of being over I need a smaller sail for 20 + winds, I bit getting into the harness next will help!



Washington, USA

o2bnme 16th February 2007 09:35 PM

RE: F-Type 158
That's great that you like it. I have an F-Type 148 and love it. Yes, a harness is a must for a sail that big. Also, make sure you are giving the 9.0 enough downhaul. I use a crank so I don't hurt my back. Before I used to downhaul my 9.8 enough, I would have plenty of low-end grunt, but when the wind would pick up, I would easily get overpowered. Now, the sail has tons more range.

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