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JK 20th May 2011 03:45 PM

Starboard Ultrasonic review?

Has anyone sailed the starboard Ultrasonic yet, if so how do you rate it.

Has anyone read a review on it yet.?


espen 20th May 2011 11:04 PM

I’ve sailed the Ultrasonic a couple of days now, and I use it mainly in <10 m/s winds with 9 sqm sail.

Three good things about the board:
• Lightning fast early planning – it just pops on to a plan
• Very nice balance and a smooth ride – you can push it hard or ride comfortable long distances
• Go for it – It eats chop - you just glide over!

For me this is an ultimate setup for winds around 7 m/s, it easily beats my old 155 Futura and 175 Formula. BTW the 175 was a killer board!

The supplied fin spins out when pushed, but with my Select S11 it’s no problem. I will try to sand the fin next time and see if it’s better, has worked before with Drakes.

It has a huge wind range and there is no problem with a 7,5 and winds < 13 m/s with a smaller fin, the width is no problem.

Very little volume in the front took some getting used to for a board this size. I’m over 100 kg and it sinks 10 - 20 centimeters if I have the foot in front of the mastfoot. But, it’s good training for a fat and slow 44 year old; soon I can dance around my better half with my quicksteps :-)

MOP 21st May 2011 02:53 AM

I will probably try my ultrasonic next week.
What kind of 9 sqm sail do you use? race sail with 3-4 cambers or more freeride oriented..?

Here is the only review I have seen so far:

JK 21st May 2011 09:02 AM

Sounds good espen, how did you find its gybing performance compared with the 155 Futura.

espen 21st May 2011 01:23 PM

I would say there is a lot of difference between the two boards. The Futura is fast and forgiving, while the Ultrasonic is fast and wild. Where the Futura glides smoothly, the Ultrasonic just reacts.

The tail helps a lot when it comes to gybing, it’s wide so you have to commit, but for me as newbie to gybing it holds higher speed in the turn, and have a quick exit. I was taken by surprise by the speed the first time I gybed it. For me turning used to be a breather but not anymore, now it’s just all in – all the time.

On the reach I feel the Ultrasonic is easier to control and I use less power on my back leg than on the Futura. Where I used to stand with a straight leg and push on the Futura, I now hang nicely in the harness with bent legs absorbing the chop on the Ultrasonic. Just shift a little weight and it points in a new direction.

I’ve used NCX 9 and 7,5 Mojo sails on the board. I feel the NCX worked fine, but I can’t wait for my 9.2 Turbo. I haven’t found the sweet spot for the Mojo, it felt a little too small for me on this board. The board needs some grunt to get going and to lock it in. If I had the money I would have bought an 8.8 and a 9.6, for me that would have been the ultimate quiver.

JK 21st May 2011 08:23 PM

Thanks for the info, I have 8.5 ezzy infinity and 9.5 which should suit the board fine
I am also around 105 KG so the extra with should help with early planing..
Where did you buy your board, there is a 2 month waiting list in UK.

espen 22nd May 2011 12:54 AM

I ordered the board last autumn, so there were some waiting ;-)

mcross19 4th June 2011 02:01 PM

My Ultrasonic finally turned up last weekend, went down to the shop to pick it up and it had a hole in it! Must have been done at the factory as the packaging was undamaged. Not happy at all as I have waited nearly 5 months for the board. They want to repair it and sell it to me at full RRP still, so what do I do? Buy a second hand board for 1549 or wait another 4 months?


mark h 4th June 2011 06:26 PM

I think I'd only take it if thet gave a good discount on it. No way pay full RRP for a repaired board.

Ken 4th June 2011 09:34 PM

Did you buy it through a shop or dealer? If so, they should fight on your behalf.

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