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Unregistered 23rd May 2011 02:11 PM

Starboard or fanatic?
What brand is better, Starboard or fanatic?

Waiting4wind 23rd May 2011 03:09 PM

Id go for BMW!

BelSkorpio 23rd May 2011 05:59 PM

From my experience,

If you talk about the full blown slalom boards.

The Falcon sails looser than the Isonic.
This makes the board more nervous. Some people like it and think they go faster with it.
I like the stickier feeling of the Isonic, which makes me more confident, resulting in higher speed.
The Falcon gives me the feeling like it wants to fly off the water.
It's definitely less controllable in chop.
Top speed of the Falcon is probably comparable with the Isonic, if you know how to control it.
I think that the Falcon is a more technical board.
I'm talking about the Falcon 2009.
It seems that latest Falcons should be easier and not that loose any more.

sergio k 23rd May 2011 09:39 PM

To me the Q is very simple, do you believe that tail cut aways work or not. I think it does as advertised,
increases wind range and stability, Fanatic doesn't have them, so although it's a good slalom board, you'd need to swap one for larger/smaller size quicker.

nakaniko 24th May 2011 07:08 PM

Better pasta or pizza?
BTW I love powerbox but for sure Starboard had and has shapes none else ever could have the courage to think, produce and sell; my Serenity is only one of the examples

Farlo 25th May 2011 11:47 PM

If you look at PWA results last year, Starboard seems to do better in race/slalom while Fanatic seems to do better in wave/freestyle. However actual results are only one part of the picture. Fanatic has a long history and over time they have built a perception of robust design. They had the tail cutaways years ago but for some reason decided to move to "cleaner" shapes. Personally I liked the Rat in the 90's and now the new Falcon, but my preferred board ever is the ST104 from Starboard. Which brand is better? Can't say...

Unregistered 26th May 2011 02:49 AM

I`ve never sailed a bad Fanatic board but I do think SB have made a few !!!

Dont think either is better though. Both companies make great boards and both have contributed enormously to windsurfing.

Years ago I had a Fanatic Rabbit. It was fantastic. Thought I`d never get a better board !!

BelSkorpio 26th May 2011 04:55 AM

I still have the green rabbit. :)
I've learned windsurfing on it more than 20 years ago.
My son has learned on it.

Unregistered 30th May 2011 12:12 PM

I used to own a 2006 starboard kombat tufskin freeride board and it was really slow to plane and i was constantly being overtaken by my friend on a 2005 Fanatic shark. When I moved on to freestyle I found when trying another persons starboard flare that my fanatic skate planed earlier and jumped better

Unregistered 31st May 2011 11:14 AM

These brands are good but JP is a lot better than both, especially in PWA Wave.

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