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Guest 16th February 2007 04:47 PM

DRAM 2006 tech

DRAM means "Dyneema Reinforced Airex Model".
When DUR-X is used with DRAM both Inner and Outer PVC (Airex) core are used.
What happens with the rest of boards (No DUR-X like Isonic DRAM)? There is a PVC core inside?

I couldn't find this information in the TECH page DRAM Figure.

Thanks in advanced, best regards !!

geo 16th February 2007 08:17 PM

RE: DRAM 2006 tech
That's not PVC "core". The core is EPS. PVC is the foam used for the shell, sandwiched between the (carbon/dyneema/glass)fiber-epoxy or wood skins: 2 layers ("double sandwich") for Dur-X, just 1 for other boards.

Guest 17th February 2007 12:52 AM

RE: DRAM 2006 tech
Sorry!! I used "core" term were "foam" should be used ...
So, DRAM without DUR-X is single sandwich.
Few year ago, before DUR-X tech arrived, DRAM tech was double sandwich:

Isn't it ??

geo 17th February 2007 03:06 AM

RE: DRAM 2006 tech
Ooops. I had a look at Starboard "technology" page and I discovered that: 1) "The Dur-X construction label signifies the use of heel bumpers, oversized, angled reinforcements and optimized external reinforcement patches. The Dur-X standard is used for Acid and Evo models, both Wood and TechnoraTM. The Evo 80, 90 and Acid 80, 86 Technora use a single sandwich construction, other sizes use double sandwich." and 2) they call "core" the sandwiched foam (it seems more correct to me to call "core" the core).

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