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Lil 30th May 2011 01:47 PM

next board: Futura or Carve
Hello all,

I've had a Rio S (175 l) as my first board and mostly used 8.0 no-cam sail with that. My favourite spot is a lake, with no big waves/swell, gusty - not very strong - wind. But a few times in a summer we go to windsurf on the sea. I can beach start and use harness and get my feet in to straps. Both feet if there's wind enough. My weight is 65 kilos.

I'd like to buy second board and I've been thinking of Futura or Carve 130 l. I've read that Futura is more for speed and Carve is more for freeride. Does anyone know which one is easier to start with? I'm happy with learning to jibe, plane etc. and I'm pretty sure I'll learn them with both boards, all I'd like to know is if there are any big differences in how easy they are to handle for a "advanced beginner" like me :-)

Thanks you for all opinions!

Best regards,

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