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curac 17th February 2007 07:37 AM

ACID thrusters.
I have heard some talk about the 08 acid and evos having thrusters and i saw what looked like an 07 acid with a thruster set up. is this just experermenting or are we to expect thrusters next season.

if so what are the benifits?

Ola_H 20th February 2007 02:15 PM

RE: ACID thrusters.
There are no plans for thrusters in production EVOs and Acids but the development team is always testing new concepts.

I personally rode thruster waveboards for over ten years 1986-2001, beginning with the classic windsurfing setup with a regular mid fin and two small side fins that was so common back then. 92 I switched to a real tri fin thruster setup with thre fins of equal size. Personally, I think its the latter concept that is interesting. What you gain is that you can use short fins and get a loose board that grips real well and still get extremely good upwind performance. The downside is generally less good top end and some thruster boards sometimes feel like they just dont let go and run as freely as a good single fin.

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