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stephencrowle 4th June 2011 05:12 AM

FW dead?
FW is dead in the UK, is it alive anywhere else?

mark h 4th June 2011 06:31 PM

Still live and kicking in Europe, Holland and Itally just had their nationals. FW in the UK is only for super light wind fun if you hate SUP (I hate SUP, so use FW on sub 10k days only), XL slalom has been the making of popular and growing BSA series. You might have to travel further to get your FW fix:)

SeanAUS120 5th June 2011 05:00 PM

Getting bigger and bigger every year in Australia. Still +40 guys at a lot of local events if the weather is nice.

In some pockets in Europe the sport is still going strong. I think there will be a good turnout at the Worlds this year with all the Americans/South Americans and guys from the southern hemisphere...

Not sure why its died in the UK?

Unregistered 5th June 2011 07:36 PM

where is it going strong in europe? how many people?
is the equipment too unwieldy?

SeanAUS120 5th June 2011 10:26 PM

I don't know about every country specifically, but in the Baltics they are getting nearly 50 guys at the local events, here at the GP in Riccione we have 60. Not bad considering there is 3 other major international events on at the same time..

To be honest, that's a LOT more people than I see going to local slalom events! We haven't even been able to run a slalom Nationals in Australia for the past 3 years due to no interest, when our FW Nationals is getting better each year.

Just depends on the country I guess. The equipment right now is really good. All the brands are going fast and easy to use and we have more boards on the market than ever.

Unregistered 5th June 2011 11:41 PM

Trouble in Uk is there is just enough windy days for sailors to ba attracted away from Formula/Competitions but not enough to reliably organise high wind events !!

I remember organising events years ago; we`d have plenty sign up (and pay) wind would pick up and sailors would sod off elsewhere !!! Even witnessed it happen at West Kirby, at a speed event. Wind was building up nicely;I thought great we are in for a good event. Somebody phoned Rhosneigre and reported big swell ; cross shore F5. Within 30 mins car park was nearly empty !!! (I joined them for a brilliant day to be honest)

Then we`d have the opposite. ie no wind.. How do you organise any type of racing for 3 kts gusting 4 !!!

Its neither one thing or other in UK but its probably windiest country in Europe (apart from Canaries?) but there is neither pattern or predictability in its strength !!! Rewards those that can sail with a days notice; hence predominance of free sailing in all its guises .

My take on things anyhow !!!

SeanAUS120 7th June 2011 08:38 PM

Hmmmmmm, that's annoying.

Down in AUS we try to just put our events in super nice locations that are family friendly (seeing as most of our fleet are old guys who usually have kids and bring the wife along). That way people seem to treat the weekend events as a bit of a holiday, rather than just a windsurfing event; making sure they come even if the forecast is lame.

High wind formula is the bomb! I don't know why anyone would leave?

sergio k 7th June 2011 11:27 PM

In US the 2 popular formula spots couldn't be more different, San Fransisco and Miami,
one is high wind and popular because fleet is very competitive. In Miami now days almost
all regulars have formula board, mainly used for free rides and drag racing across the bay,
reason behind popularity is avg winds from 7-12 kn, it's just practical. But once people
get really dialled in, they realize how much FUN it is.

Unregistered 8th June 2011 08:38 PM

FW is quite technical and requires quite high ability and high strength to manage the big rigs.
What are the feeder classes providing easier access and requiring less technical ability and strength?

sergio k 8th June 2011 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 49751)
FW is quite technical and requires quite high ability and high strength to manage the big rigs.
What are the feeder classes providing easier access and requiring less technical ability and strength?

To be the best you do have to have technique and strength, but isn't that with any discipline??
For req. use or participation in races but not expecting great results (just having fun...) all you need
is basic strength and technique. I love when person that knows very little about the class provides
totally falls info as a fact... But to answer the Q: Any wide modern board gives you fundamentals
to just jump into FW, including even RSX, BIC, Formula EXP...

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