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jensr 8th June 2011 03:07 AM

isonic 86 09.
Hi Kevin

i just got an Isonic 86 from 09.
i use it with a severne code red 6.5 from 09 and a K.A koncept 5.8 also 09.
i weigh 86 kg and am 183cm tall.
i have had some difficulties trimming the board. I find it to be very difficult to control.
i use it with a Vector Canefire 34 fin for the 6.5 and a 32 for the 5.8.
do you have any suggestions to footstrap positioning and mast trackpositioning?
my current footstrap position is:back foot mid pos. front foot in "front"pos.
i have my mast track approx.1 cm in front of recomended pos.
at speeds around 32 knots it gets very unstable. like a rodeo horse. it rides very high on the water. espicially the nose of the board rides high.
i have almost the same topspeed on my 122 also 09 with 7.5 code red with a 44 canefire. but in full control.

and my guess is that i should be able to find more topspeed/control at highspeeds, on the small board than on the large?
water conditions varies from flattish water to 1.5meters sweel/chop.

All the best

jensr 15th August 2011 05:22 PM

well finally got it sorted. as on my other starboards, i moved the mast track 1,5-2 cm back relative to "recomended" position.

Kevin Pritchard 7th September 2011 01:16 PM

Sounds good!

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