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olivierswennen 10th June 2011 03:08 AM

info fins for ISonic 117 W

For the ISonic 117 Wide, in combination with a NP RS 8.6, which fin combination would be the best?
45 and 49 cm or 47 and 51 cm?


Olivier Swennen

olivierswennen 10th June 2011 03:03 PM

I'm 85 kg, and this 117w will be my biggest board, the 8.6 my biggest sail. I windsurf mainly in the North Sea which is very choppy.



NWF 11th June 2011 09:52 PM

Hi Olivier,
I am similar weight and sail with 8.5. For all-round general blasting I would say 46cm being the best size as the one foot in measurement isn't that big on the 117w hence why it's so good at gybing. However, if you attempting to extract as much early plaining as poss id say 49cm.


Crazyed 16th July 2011 11:47 AM

Hi Allan,
I use the 117 wide mainly for downwind speed, in higher wind areas (25 - 30 knots) I have little issues for keeping the board in control with chop.getting a little nervous, I have tried a select s9 fin in 33 cm length en 37 length. My weight is 125 KG. Can you advice my if I need to use a larger or shorter fin for more control? Because most of the times I made downwind runs, I use smaller fins, is this correct?
Sails I am using: Gaastra Vapor 2011: sizes: 7.1 and 8.6. in the near future: 7.9
Top speed in 2 seconds is more then 70 km, with the 7.1 and 8.6

Kevin Pritchard 7th September 2011 01:17 PM

I love the 47cm fin in this board. It is the only fin size I use

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