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Papa TERRY 20th June 2011 11:02 AM

May I? As an old 80 year old ex Windsurfing instructor. Squash instructor. BJA County Coach (Judo). Self defence Instructor. And teaching would be Instructors who have attained their gold and silver grades. (Who are allegeable to teach at sports centres, schools etc.) At the college off PE in London.
Give some advice to young would instructors. I hope in some way, this advice given in all humility, will help youngsters who want to teach sports.

One - Teaching is an art in its self. You are there only for the benefit off your pupils not your self. Your ego you leave behind when you teach.
Two- Donít teach a class only as a whole; remember they are individuals, with different attitudes, motivations, fears and outlooks.
Three- Use more motivated and quicker pupils to teach others less endowed. This helps them from getting bored.
Four- Sometimes when teaching a gybe, throwing technique, or showing how to hit a squash ball off the back wall. Make a mistake, fall in after making a perfect gybe, remember your pupils are only learning and maybe think I will never do that. And infact you discourage them, but by using your sense off humour and falling in, it helps defuses their fear off failing.
Five- If you make a mistake donít hide it admit it, but again use your sense of humour the class will respect you more.
Six- Donít be afraid off asking other instructors there advice if you have a problem with a pupil or your teaching methods.
Seven- Donít have any favourites or dislikes concerning one or two individuals in your class. Discipline is a much, without it you will have problems.
One last peace of advice, read about other sports and teaching methods you will find that there is a common theme thatís runs through most of them, Posture, Stance. Centre of gravity, that helps to give us the type off balance we need to enjoying the sport we love to do.,
That in my opinion the feet come first then the hands, itís no good hitting the ball then tripping over your feet. .
Papa Terry

Roger 20th June 2011 12:29 PM

Papa Terry,
And this has what to do with your previous questions about which board and simulator plans?

Papa TERRY 20th June 2011 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by Roger (Post 50172)
Papa Terry,
And this has what to do with your previous questions about which board and simulator plans?

In a way yes. I am thinking off taking up winsdurfing again . mainly to occopy my time and
give me something to do..

As for the advice it was an after thought, maybe because I felt I had something to contrbute in some small way. . Maybe it gave me something to do , think about.
But it seems it was not taken in the right context. I should not have wasted my time or yours in sending it, in good faith. I am sorry for that .
Have a nice day

Roger 20th June 2011 08:37 PM

Hi Papa Terry,
Sorry, Your post would have been more appropriate and better appreciated on the Windsurfing School forum.
Your points are well taken, just the references to other sports kinda threw me off.

Papa TERRY 21st June 2011 06:05 AM

HI!! Roger
My Ref to other sports was to point out that the posture and stance we teach to balance, to make contact with the board, to move the line off our feet , (for and aft) back foot, front foot. To transfer the weight from one foot to another too counter balance power of the wind in the sail. Is no difference than I would teach in martial arts, the principle is the same, As Peter hart says in his book windsurfing is like dancing. So Is Aikido, so are many other sports.
If I have a problem with a pupil who has difficulty with understanding A technique or stance I ask what other sports do you practice , then I point out( If I can) or use the same posture or feet movement used in that sport. Because he has already grasped the idea of movement for that sport. Hopefully he can now connect the same with his new sport.
A young would be instructor should open up his mind to the fact that what we teach in windsurfing in many ways is no different from teaching other sports, and that itís not exclusive to only windsurfing. To broaden his own ability to be a better teacher.
Roger forgive my rather clumsy why off explaining my thoughts, but itís a long time since I taught. But I loved to teach others and the satisfaction I get from seeing my pupils faces. That look off delight at, at last doing a gybe or throwing technique, or hitting a ball out off a corner of a squash court to score a point.
It made teaching with all its drawbacks, disappointments. Sometimes boredom with the repetition of teaching, all worthwhile.
Papa Terry
And thanks Roger for your intreast and time.

Roger 21st June 2011 09:59 AM

Starboard Windsurfing Simulator Plans
Hi Papa Terry,
I have found the missing Starboard Windsurfing Simulator Plans (thanks to our IT guru Tony).
I can email you a .pdf file attached to an email that should get the entire design and building
specifications to you.
Hope this helps,

Papa TERRY 22nd June 2011 05:38 AM

Hi!! have sent address. and thanks for the simulator information . There are lots of welders here who can make a simulator, will let you know how it turns out, I have discovered that the owner of the resort near where I am moving to in Siquejor has a windsurfer and rig to my supprise it turns out to be a starboard and also a standup board that I have never seen before. and he wants me to teach him as he has never had any lessons. I will enjoy that it will be fun, Thanks again Roger
Papa Terry

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