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Unregistered 22nd June 2011 01:57 PM

Can anyone tell me about the Serenity Cat Catamaran it sounds fun , you can paddle maybe even go fishing on it and sail it , any comments would be a help. Papa Terry

nakaniko 22nd June 2011 02:41 PM

I don't know if they have ever sold it on the market, it's written that was intended like an experimental prototype. I've also found on Funboard, italian windsurf magazine, a full page new about a smaller and even nicer Supercat, but no more info around and not a single word on Starboard website.
Pheraphs they could ask you to be the Supercat promoter....

BTW I think that the Serenity Cat is something like a social board, intended for clubs and school, and as a serenity sportech alone is around 14 kg, the Serenity Catamaran sounds like 14+14+10? kg for the bridge, so not the lightest board for you (me too). The supercat for the few things I've read sould be lighter but does really exist in Starboard production?

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