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Kevin 24th August 2006 07:19 PM

Formula Boards
I've been using a 2000 Formula F155 for about 5 years and love it. I'm 175 lbs and recreationally sail lakes in MN. I mainly use the F155 with my 8.0 retro and occaisonally my 9.5. With the 8.0 I often sail on 10-20 mph days and if pinched for time often ride with winds going into mid 20s. I love the board because I can sail way up wind and explore the entire lakes.

It's got a few dings so I'm considering upgrading to a used 2003 formula 147 wood. I know the F147 are wider (100 vs 85) and shorter (232 vs 270).
Will the F147 work as good in 8.0 conditions or will it feel too big (ie wide), especially when the wind picks up to upper teens?

What fin will be optimal for the 147 and 8.0? 58 cm or 70 cm?

Will it go upwind as well or better F155?

Will it be even harder to go downwind?

Does it have similar reaching speeds?

Thanks for your insights.

ned_321 24th August 2006 08:27 PM

RE: Formula Boards
I have had F155 and now have F147.
It is easier to sail in all respects. But compared to F155 much more upwind-downwind oriented. Optimum finsize 70; the 58 will not provide enough lift so the board will feel sticky.
It is much easier downwind. I have done 51.2 kmh peak speed on GPS with it.

Beam-reaching will feel less natural on the F147 compared to F155.

James 24th August 2006 08:37 PM

RE: Formula Boards
Hi Kevin,

I'm not a member of the team, but I have ridden the 147 and own it's successor the 158.

Even though it's wide, the 147 is very nice in chop and winds; probably even more so than the 155. It blazes over everything at top speed without bumping because of the rocker design. It may even give you the confidence to stay with the 9.5 up to 20 mph.

Better upwind, better downwind, faster overall. 70 cm fin probably good for both sails. People usually don't use smaller than 60 cm fins on full-width formula boards, but the 58 would probably work if you are powered up on the 8.0.

The 147 may feel slightly more awkward when shlogging because of the short shape, but should plane just as early as the 155 when you get used to it.

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