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Unregistered 26th June 2011 02:46 PM

GTX vs. V8 vs. RAM
Which sail would you recomend for formula and is there any real difference between them?

My local dealer is offering me a 08 Ram, 09 V8 and 2010 GTX (+/-10m2). I wanted to choose the GTX as a good compromise between the early planning and top speed, but I can't find a used Gaastra mast (new ones are crazy expensive...). The sail will be used for lightwind cruising (not racing) so I was thinking there really a big difference compared to the Ram in terms of early planing (even if you remove the switchcam) and handling (Ram being more difficult in this category)? But I just can't help to loose the feeling that the Ram would be more fun than the V8...

I am an intermediate surfer (70 kg), driving mostly a NS Strike 7,0m2 (2 cams freerace) on a F2 Stoke 107l.

Any feedback?

Unregistered 26th June 2011 03:06 PM

Are you thinking of 10m on 107 Stoke ??? If you are I think its too big ! You wont see any improvement over 7.5 onthat board ????

Unregistered 26th June 2011 03:09 PM

No, I have a SB formula (158) to use with that...

BelSkorpio 26th June 2011 04:41 PM

I've learned formula sailing with a 3-cam 9.5m2 freerace sail.
It was a relatively light sail and good to learn, but I don't use it any longer.
The problem with these light wind early planing sails is that they quickly get overpowered when the wind picks up.
I've found that I can hold my 11m2 4-cam pure formula race sail as long or even longer than the 9.5m2 freeracer. It's just a lot heavier to carry to the water and it's a pain to uphaul it when it's in the water. Luckily I'm at a stage where I rarely drop the sail into the water :)

Because you're much lighter than me, probably the size of +/- 10m2 is really good for you. But think twice about the type of sail. The pure race/formula sails, with their extra stability and control, will give you more fun in the long run.
From my point of view, pure race sails are NOT more technical nor difficult, ONLY easier and more comfortable when sailing, BUT unfortunately also heavier to carry and uphaul.

PS: I'm also no competition racer. Just a recreational fun cruiser.

Unregistered 26th June 2011 06:29 PM

I have already tried a full race sail (11,5 m2) and it was just too big and heavy to handle... That's way I decided to go for a freerace sail in a smaller size...but I understand your point. I guess Ram would be a better choice then, looking in the long run. The only thing I am concerned with Ram is early planning...


mark h 27th June 2011 12:09 AM

Im think the Ram F8 is a 9.9m, the V8 a 9.8m and the GTX a 9.8m or 10m. All of these are really good freerace sails. The Ram F8 I think will feel better in over powered conditions than the rest as it has a very good range in one setting. V8 and GTX for sheer low-end grunt, but these two are designed for pure light winds and will be a handlefull if you get caught out in stronger winds. There will not be a major difference with grunt between them all, so dont worry about the lack of powere from the Ram F8. I like Norths so I'd be grabbing the Ram F8 9.9m.

Just my 2 cents worth:)

donovan:)))) 29th June 2011 05:06 PM

i have an 09 gtx 9m...tat sails really fun and easy to control but its super heavy for a 9m....but overall i still lik it :)

tonymatta 4th July 2011 07:51 AM

I have used Ram 8.4 amd V8 10.5. Now I use Gastra Vapor8.4 and 9.3. Same as Belscorpio, I find the race sail so much more stable in the strong wind and more powerful in the light wind. The race sail is heavier and stiffer on rotation but you do get used to that.

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