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Sleepy 20th February 2007 07:30 PM

Fins for S-Type 126
Hi All,

First post... Did a quick search but couldn't find the answers posted - so point me in the right direction if it's been covered.

I notice the 2007 ST 126 comes with an upgraded 400mm fin this year, bigger than the 06 version.

I have just brought a 2006 ST 126 which came with a drake freeride flow 390 & a select supercross 360.

What fin size/type should i get that will get me up & going quickest & allow good, fast gybes with my 7.8 xtype?
and any further comments on the best of the fins to use with 6.4? & 5.4?

I'm 93kgs, sail on the sea, flatish water (especially with the 7.8!)

Many Thanks,

Ian Fox 23rd February 2007 12:07 PM

RE: Fins for S-Type 126
Hi Sleepy,

Ideal fin tuning for ST also depends (more than average) on the ride style that you're aiming for (slalom/freerace/superX etc).

In general, based on your current set up :

Light to medium powered 7.8m : 390 Drake
Powered 7.8m : Select SX 360
Underpowered 6.4m : Drake 390 (use 7.8m !)
All other 6.4m : select SX 360
5.4m : Select 360 or smaller (320 slalom or 300SuperX)

Hope that helps sort it, let us know if you need more..

Cheers ~ Ian

Lessacher 28th February 2007 01:08 PM

RE: Fins for S-Type 126
Hallo Sleepy! If you want not to wake up while you are windsurfing,
or if you want to have fun, try a Freeride 36cm in carbon, asymm.
fin. 7.8m² no problem. For speed Le Wo Duo 30cm.

Sleepy 28th February 2007 04:52 PM

RE: Fins for S-Type 126
Thanks to you both,

Anyother question on tuning the board.
People suggest that 135cm from the rear is the right place to start from in terms of mast foot placement but have you guy's found any other point (forward or back) to be more suitable/a sweeter spot.


Ian Fox 1st March 2007 12:24 PM

RE: Fins for S-Type 126
Although 135cm won't be far off the mark, any specific dimension without reference to the many other variables will be at best a "generic" answer. You'll be in - or close to - the sweetspot, and for some guys that might be all they want/need.

With each size/model board, we position the mast track so that the middle/centre/50% position is the typical "sweetspot" for that board, so banging the foot right in the middle and starting from there is a very practical way to go. And usually the next settings come from a little personal tuning (trial + error) multiplied by a little theory.

(Slightly further forward for choppier conditions, bigger sails, early planing.. slightly back for flatter water, smaller sails, higher top end speed)

If you really want to understand the finer points of tuning, any specific setting needs to be related to (primarily) sail size, wind and water conditions - as well as the actual board in question (assume ST126), plus minor influences of things like rider weight, straps positioning, sailing style etc.

That's also a slightly generic answer, but I hope you get the idea :)

Cheers ~ Ian

Lessacher 2nd March 2007 02:55 AM

RE: Fins for S-Type 126
Hallo Sleepy! Tuning and 135cm mastfoodposition.............
At first: What makes the board, if you use at first a 36cm fin,and
than the 39cm fin ? Have you a better feeling with the bigger fin ?
Yes? Okay, maybe that the bigger fin makes more lift, now think
you , lets try the 36cm fin, she must be faster, but now you see,
you are not faster, not enough lift, is the mastfoodposition not okay?
What happens when you give the mast more in front. ???????
What is faster , carbon fin or G10? I say now carbon is faster, but
I have good 90 kg. My board is a shape who need more lift . I get
the better lift from the better flexing G10 fin. Now I have to find a
thinner carbon fin with the same flex,that must be faster, or not??

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