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Guest 20th February 2007 07:31 PM

F160 and DEB R19 S to Remi

I have been following your latest posts and founded that you recommend new DEB R 19 S + 8 to F160. You stated that early planning will imporve as well as overall upwind / downwing angles.

Already I have been using DEB R 13 M + 8 and I am wondering what will I gain to switch to DEB R 19 S + 8 during light wind racing. My weight is 75 kg and am using mostly RS5 10.7 and RS4 9.8. I occasionally participate in national racing. Here in Poland racing is held in pretty light wind...

Will look forward your quick response.

Kind regards

Guest 20th February 2007 08:05 PM

RE: Me too..
I too would like to ask the same question. I will be racing a 160 this season with Vapor 12 & 11 sails. I currently have an R17S+8 (scary fast on flat water with plenty wind, but little lift in light wind) and R18S+8 (better in light wind; but I find it a little hard to get really good performance from this fin). I weigh 95 kg.

I consider ordering a Deboichet R19 +8 for light wind use, but am unsure which stiffness to get for the 160 and my weight and if this fin in general is the right choice. Otherwise I will probably get a R13S+8 which I know works really well with the 160. IS the R19 even better?

barks 20th February 2007 08:07 PM

RE: log-in
This last post was me; I seem to have trouble understanding the log-in procedure or something a well as the weirdly named buttons in this forum interface (like why I have to click "Last post" to post this message??)

barks 23rd February 2007 03:02 PM

RE: F160 and DEB R19 S to Remi
Remi, if possible please answer this in regards to the 160 please.

Remi 23rd February 2007 04:30 PM

RE: F160 and DEB R19 S to Remi
Hi Barks,

Yes the R19 soft -- rake + 8cm is the best fin for the F 160 for light wind condition.

I compare it with the R13, R17 and R18 and under 15 kn ot the R19 is definitely beter. You get a lot more lift, so go thruth the lulls beter and beter acceleration and angle.

I am using this fin since January 2006.

All the best

barks 23rd February 2007 09:07 PM

RE: F160 and DEB R19 S to Remi
Thank you Remi. I took you advice and ordered one directly. I know that you recommend the R13S+8 as a great fin for more wind; but two new fins are not really possible with my current budget I think. My R17S+8 is great on flat water but spins out in heavy chop at my weight/lack of foot precision.

Is there any trick to making the R18S+8 work well between 15 and 25 knots in chop (at my weight, 95kg)?

How much of a loss is it to go for a R13M+6 in winds above 15-16 knots with an 11m in chop? M flexed and rakes slowly below 8 are a lot easier to find used around here.

Remi 24th February 2007 01:01 AM

RE: F160 and DEB R19 S to Remi
Hi Barks,

In your special case, I think the best solution is to keep your R17 for over 15 knots and get a R19 soft -- rake + 8 cm for light winds. So you will buy only one fin. The R17 will be enough good in chopy water over 15 knots. The R 18 do not have enough speed in this case compare to the R17.

All the best

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