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Guest 21st February 2007 03:25 PM

S-Type 93 2006
Hi all, it's the first time I post here after enjoying reading many of your posts: great place!

So, here's my question: I have a 117lt Mistral Screamer (hum, hem, yes not a SB..) and I wish tu buy a s-type with a little bit less volume (for higher wind conditions etc..)

My sails are 5.0 NS Ice, 6.0 Naish Edge, and 7.8 NS R_type

I'd use the s-type with the 5.0 and 6.0; I'm 71 kilos..

Now the question is: 93 or 104?

I've read some interesting topics about the s-type, can you give me some more tips?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English ^^"

Guest 21st February 2007 04:20 PM

RE: S-Type 93 2006
From your description, the S Type 93 is the answer.
I guess you have also a bigger board for the 7.8 sail you have mentioned.
Personally I picked for myself the 93 and the 126.

Guest 21st February 2007 04:40 PM

RE: S-Type 93 2006
Yeah, I'll keep my Screamer for lightwinds and big sail (it really.. goes!)

Thank you for the suggestion, any others?


Guest 21st February 2007 07:01 PM

RE: S-Type 93 2006
go 4 the ST93 at your weight it would be the right choice (betweem ST93 and ST104). ST r really nice boards but u might also want to consider a C101.

Guest 22nd February 2007 02:54 AM

RE: S-Type 93 2006
I saw also Carve models but and they seams good too: easy freeride..

But I've came to S-type after considering buying a ISonic or a used HyperSonic!
I'd like to try something really fast and the S-type seams to be the right connection between freeride and pure slalom boards.
So, maybe it's a bit more tecnical than Carve but it'll be a good machine to improve before the step to a 100% slalom.

That's what i thought, maybe I'm wrong..

sergio 22nd February 2007 03:52 AM

RE: S-Type 93 2006
You're right, the little s-types can be used as slalom boards just a step behind iSonics, while rougher the water, less difference between them. Of course trimmed with footstraps on back and outside position and slalom fin.
I tested the ST 104 and 115 and iS 115 with the same fin(34 drake slalom pro) and sail(SSR 7,6). The average speeds of iS were always better than ST but the max speeds deep downwind were better with ST.
Only upwind there were big difference, much better on iS.
As you said, perfect connection between freeride and pure slalom board.

Maximus 22nd February 2007 05:21 AM

RE: S-Type 93 2006

I currently sail a Hypersonic, and have sailed the ST93 a fair bit as well. There is no doubt that given your weight and intended sail range that the ST93 is the way to go. As far as being technical to ride, I would put it another way and say that as with any board, give it time and experiement. I have found it also extremely quick off the wind, just as quick as the Sonic 100 I used to have, and way easier to gybe.

On another note, and would suggest trying a Hypersonic 111 or 96 for your light/med wind solution. It will leave that Screamer ( no disrepect to the board ) behind. You will find it plains earler, goes faster on all Points of sail, and trucks upwind at speed better than any other board ever made. Givce it a try you have nothing to lose.:D

AlexWind 22nd February 2007 06:45 AM

RE: S-Type 93 2006
Thank you for the replyes :)

I'm very attracted by slalom world and maybe the S-type would be the first step into it.
I'd like to try a HyperSonic too, and I saw a few at good price.
I'm sure they will overcome my Screamer, no doubt!

But.. one by one: I think I'd better keep my easy going, relaxing, confort, freeridey Screamer for a while, untill I reach some more technique of course! ;)

The S-Type I saw is a 2006 DRAM one, which comes with a Drake Freeride 280 fin. Maybe I should buy also a longer one, more slalom shaped (as the new ST93 has..). Any suggestion about that?

P.S. Here's my first registered message!

Maximus 22nd February 2007 08:00 AM

RE: S-Type 93 2006
With your weight the 28 will work very well with your 5 & 6m sails. Having said that a good 32cm slalom fin will help with early planing, reaching speed and pointing with you 6m sail, especially in the lower/mid end range of the sail, say 15-20 knots. I almost always use a 34cm slalom fin with a 6.5/79kg. I mostly use 2 fins for most sail sizes. this extends the range of the sail, without having to rig down. Its far easier to change a fin than rig up a new sail.

steveC 23rd February 2007 12:37 AM

RE: S-Type 93 2006
Hi Alex,

I'm your weight, and looking at a choice between the 93 and 104 S-Types, I have to agree with others above in thinking that the 93 would be best in combination with your Screamer. Also, if you decide at a later date to invest in a sail smaller than your 5.0, you would be better positioned to take advantage of the situation.

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