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mike 25th February 2007 10:57 PM

Footstrap width
I was hoping someone on the team could check/confirm this.

One thing I found with my Kombat 96 ('06) was the footstraps pinched my feet. I found that by using the outer footstrap screw positions this was resolved (a suggestion from this forum).

I'd like to get the Pure Acid 80 ('06) as per discussion on another tread (awesome suggestion/feedback here)

Is the footstrap screw spacing the same for '06 Kombat 96 & Acid 80?
I assume there is a forward & back footstrap postion.
For the Kombat, the space between the inner footstrap screw holes meaure 5 1/8" & to the outer it is 7 1/8"

As I don't have a demo opportunity & buying sight unseen so confirmation is much appreciated.

Ian Fox 26th February 2007 09:15 AM

RE: Footstrap width
Hi Mike,

Without removing the straps for mm precise measurement, the PA80 (06) I just measured has 6" screw spacing on both the Front and Rear straps. (that's to say it if far closer to 6.00" than 5.75" or 6.25")

Hope this resolves the question, let us know if you need more info.

Cheers ~ Ian

Phill104 26th February 2007 08:03 PM

RE: Footstrap width

This is something that I see quite a lot here in the UK. I'm sure the footstraps are fine in WA but it can get so cold over here that we often need to wear booties and in this case the new straps are just too tight. I would say that 80% of sailors who wear booties in the winter over here have to use the outer inserts just to get anywhere near being able to use the straps.

Those who have larger feet usually end up buying new straps.

Ola_H 26th February 2007 08:58 PM

RE: Footstrap width
I think it depends a lot on how you wear your straps. Most pro level wave sailors tend to runt them VERY big but prefer them super tight on the sides on their custom boards. This allows you to have a fairly snug fit but to still be able to move your feet in an out. Compared to this, 6" is actually on the wide side, I would say. But being a fellow cold water sailor, I can see you problem (though I never had problems with a production board).

Before moving straps, I would look into what kind of booties you wear. Many are just too sturdy and wide with a lot of grippy rubber on the side of the feet. I would say THIS is the real problem in most cases. Before I found the ATAN brand booties which I now use and which just kills everything else I tried for smoothness and comfort, I used to grind away rubber materaial from the sides of my booties with a power belt grinder and then sprayed some silicone on them in this area to make them less grippy. That worked out OK, but nothing like the ATAN stuff. The Atan boots come in 4mm and 7mm and are made out of real natural latex. Just a thin layer of grippy material around the neoprene sock. You can even turn them inside out to dry them.

mike 26th February 2007 09:13 PM

RE: Footstrap width
Hi Ian,

Thanks for checking. Just to clarify:

1. 6" is the normal footstrap position? (if so, it is the same as Kombat)

2. Is there a forward & back position on the Acid? (like Kombat in case wider is needed)

Comment to other posts:
I do wear booties in winter sailing. My feet are a bit wide but not hugely so. I've only noticed this narrowing on Starboard including a Carve I demo'd. I've measured to compare & the spacing is less for normal postion & wide when using outer postion as I've done. Having said all this, I've had no problems with my Kombat once I set to the outer footstraps hole postions. If anything, the strap better distributes pressure to the top & side of feet.

Phill104 26th February 2007 10:35 PM

RE: Footstrap width

The Atan boots are great but you can only get them mail order from France over here.

I still think it's a bit of an issue with many UK sailors, one which has come up quite a few times on this forum and on the boards forum with many finding the straps too small width wise.

Having to use the outer holes leaves no room for tuning (though most of us bootie clad wearers wouldn't notice the difference) and even when using the outer holes many still cannot get their feet in.

Maybe us brits have just got big feet. (no banjo plucking deliverence comments please):)

Ola_H 27th February 2007 03:00 AM

RE: Footstrap width
Yeah, if you got big feet I suppose it can be a bit of a problem, but from my perspective going for a wider mount would totally ruin board handling when you're not in boots. Actually, even with boots I would rather have them a bit tighter (but think the current spacing is a good compromise).

In any case, I think an interesting option for bootie users would be some kind of special bootie strap which was thinner with less padding. Sure, it would be kind of a pita to change straps, but typically you would only have to do it a few times a year.

But still, I think lost of the problems actually comes from bad design of the boots. Why aren't all of them as slick as the ATAN? It must be a better option to approach the boot makers than to change the foot strap spacing on all boards.

For the record, I do most of my sailing in Sweden with boots on but I have a normal size foot.

zots 27th February 2007 11:47 AM

RE: Footstrap width
The spacing on the new board straps is definitely too close. I have relatively small feet (UK9) and on my 07 Evo 80, the straps are a very tight fit (And I never use booties) . Maybe starboard used a 5 foot Thai foot instead of a bigger Westenter model?:o

Ian Fox 27th February 2007 04:59 PM

RE: Footstrap width
Typically the pitch (hole centre to centre) on all Starboards is 155mm. [6.1"], which is about "Standard pitch" with most board companies (production and custom) - the usual range is 5.75" thru 6.25".
(no, I haven't checked the specs on EVERY board - but quite a few and all spec 155mm)

The standard Starboard inserts provide hole options at 25mm pitch [1"] fore/aft.

Definitely the footstrap padding thickness "inside" the strap has an influence on the "fit" of the strap, and in my opinion the 2007 SS-2 is slightly thicker and softer in that region than SS1 (2006). This is more noticeable when the strap is in new condition, after a few sessions it does tend to settle.

What we also found is the SHAPE of the riders foot (both outline and even arch height/depth) can make a difference to what "works best" for individuals, and yes, there is a big variation. Using boots - not only wider, but also likely a different "shape" to the rider's (exact) foot shape will undoubtably effect fit/comfort, some more than others.

Hey Zots, don't worry there are plenty of big fat Westener feet used to trample all over the boards for strap position testing. Mine rate around 45W Euro ~ width of 115mm/4.5". Anything above 6.25" pitch, the straps start to feel loose (on the sides) to me and require too much top pressure [too much strap "tightening" ] to get a totally secure fit, at least for 40+ and I've actually found using a slightly narrower pitch but with a looser strap works possibly even better. By accident, some speed protos came out at around 5.75", looked like a disaster but actually worked OK. Can't say it would be all that good for waves action though...

For Mike :
Q1. 6" is the normal footstrap position? (if so, it is the same as Kombat)
A1 = YES, as above.
Q2. Is there a forward & back position on the Acid? (like Kombat in case wider is needed)
A2 = YES, on the rear strap using the next hole produces an c-to-c of (aprox) 7", while using the "diagonal" option on the front strap produces a c-to-c of (aprox) 6.5".

Cheers ~ Ian

Ola_H 27th February 2007 05:39 PM

RE: Footstrap width
>. Can't say it would be all that good for waves action though...

Well, many wave sailors use their straps incredible tight. I bought a custom from Levi some years ago and it below 5.25". When you got used to it (and made the strap extremely big so that it didn't even tought the top of the foot) this proved extremely nice. But it was pretty much impossible to use with boots.

Otherwise I agree that the straps break in quite a lot. Since I change boards kind of often, I sometimes even keep my old broken in straps and let the buyer get the brand new ones of the new board.

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