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Floyd 28th July 2011 05:49 AM

Futura 141 V Ultrasonic
Both mentioned boards have 8 metre sails in their sweet spot. Anybody know what would pros and cons be of both boards in well powered up 8 metre weather ???

Thinking of getting a "light wind" freerace type board specifically for 8 metre weather.Max sail would be 8.5; smallest 7. My weight 103kg ... ????????????

Remi 28th July 2011 05:59 AM

Hi Floyd,

At 103 kgs, am a bit surprise that you would like to stay with 8.5 max for light winds performances.

I will suggest you to go to bigger sail like 9.7 and UltraSonic but if you don't want to go to bigger sails and stay with 7 to 8.5 better to take the Futura 141 but that will be not light winds performances but medium winds.

All the best

Floyd 28th July 2011 09:34 AM

Thanks for reply Remi.

I suppose light wind is a relative term. In reality I meant from perhaps 12 knots to 18 ??? (Which I agree isn`t light)

I was wondering which of two boards mentioned would have highest top speed; pointed highest;planed earliest; gybed quickest.

Recent trip to Kos witnessed local (and very good)sailors weighing around 75 kg going out in conditions mentioned on 80cm wide slalom boards (Sonic/Futura and Patrick) with 7.2 cambered sails. Trying to figure out what kit to take next year to compete with them. (Or what would give me best chance ???)

With 103 kg on Futura 141 I wont be planing as early (even with 8.2 ???) I dont think ??? Hence why I was considering Ultrasonic which at 93 wide should get me going as quick but would I have control problems on it ??? Its a lot of money to pay out to find out ????

Suppose question is would Ultrasonic with 103 kg perform on a par with 75 kg on Futura 141 ??? (With sails relative to weight/conditions) ?????????? (Assuming equivalent rider skills; which BTW thery aren`t)


Remi 28th July 2011 01:57 PM

Hi Floyd,

If your are talking about 12 to 18 for sure is not light winds (7 to 12 knots ;) ). Anyway if you want to beat this guys who weight around 75 kgs with 80cm wide board, for sure you can't go on a Futura 141 who is also 80cm wide but with less performances like the iSonic who are a lot more wider in the tail.

Between 75kgs and 103kgs it's a huge difference and the board can't be the same. So recommend you the UltraSonic 147 with minimum 9.2 Camber sails to have a chance. And don't worry about the control, the best size will be 9.7 like Overdrive or Reflex II and you will smoke them ;)

For your information you can even put 12m on this board to get real performances in LIGHT WINDS ;)

You can see on my Facebook some video of this board in action :

Hope this help

All the best

Floyd 28th July 2011 06:26 PM

Thanks for reply Remi.

Take care

wsice 30th July 2011 11:07 PM

Remi, hope I can squeeze in a brief question?
I've been holding off with the US147 purchase because I'm not sure it will plane earlier than what I have now, At 73kg. with a Starboard FF138 (96cm. wide and 222 cm. long) and a Windwing Hammer RDM 8.3, I plane comfortably powered in 10 knots on freshwater lake conditions. Do you think the US 147 would be noticeably better?

Roger 31st July 2011 01:26 AM

Hi wsice,
FF138 will probably plane earlier..... US 147 will probably have better speed once planing.
96 wide trumps 93.2 in the early planing dept.... 93.2 and the more modern tail shape/cutaways
trumps the additional width once you are planing.
If you decide get the US147, let me know.
I've been looking for a FF138 since I let mine go several years ago.
I have the US147 and it planes really early, but not as early as the FF-138 if I remember correctly.

Deja Vu 6th August 2011 05:59 AM

My impression of the FF138 (have both versions) is that it will plane really early, but wont maintain the plane as well through lulls as an Is 131 or 150. Once the newer boards plane they want to hold it. If you're mostly sailing by yourself or the guys you're sailing with don't have boards like the Is133, 131, 144, 150 etc. then why upgrade? The 138 is a great all around board.

wsice 6th August 2011 09:26 AM

Thanks for both the replies.
Roger, my 2011 season ended in March with a shoulder injury in Maui, so will let you know early 2012.
Deja Vu, the only thing I have to compete with is a Futura 141, but that will be a 2012 discovery. I will also be looking for a turnier board when the wind picks up, but we only have a few 5.0 days per season.

mark h 11th August 2011 03:38 AM

Hi Roger
Did you have the iS150? If yes, how did it c/w the US147, with an active style, do they get going in the same light winds?

The US147 has been slightly slow getting off the ground (world recession, late deliveries etc) so there's not many comparisions with the old iS150 or formula.

Starting to plan next years quiver and toying with replacing both my F161 and my beloved iS137 with a US147. But I need to seriously think about this one as the iS137/9m and 3 x fins rocks in 12k to 20k summer seas. But I am starting to like the idea of just 1 x light wind board instead of 2 x boards, less choice can sometimes be good:)

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