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Unregistered 29th July 2011 04:08 AM

railing a phantom
when I sail my phantom, I think that I am more "heeling" the board (sailboard term) - sinking leeward rail to put board at an angle, rather than really railing it.

Could someone (Remi?) please give a brief description how to a raceboard truly up on its rail?

thank you.

Roger 29th July 2011 04:27 AM

Hi DG,
What you are doing (moving your weight towards the center of the board to lower the lee rail and
get more vertical lift from the centerboard) is precisely what I've done and have seen done in
longboard and one design racing (boards that have centerboards).
Sometimes, depending on the width of the board and the sailor's weight, you need to move your
feet to the downwind side of the boards centerline to really "rail it" most effectively.
So, keep doing, what you are doing!
Makes a racing longboard go upwind like crazy if you "rail it" and move the mast foot forward to
engage as much lee rail as possible.

Ken 29th July 2011 10:28 PM

Heeling and railing are the same. Mono hull boats heel and windsurfers rail. I am not sure what term is used for cats. Heel I suspect.

The greater the speed as a result of more wind or a larger sail, the board will "rail" more easily and with any sailing craft that is railing or heeling to the extreme, more weight must be added to the windward rail/side to keep the board from turning over, thus the location of the "hiking or heeling" foot straps on the rail further up the side of the board.

Roger's description is what to do to rail the board in lighter winds and lower board speeds. By doing what he says, the board will rail and point higher into the wind.

Floyd 30th July 2011 04:18 AM

I always thought term railing came from fact you stood on rail and caused by action of dagger board trying to lift out of water to windward. (like a big fin does)

Years ago i used to race a Mega cat and in right winds it would rail at speed and when I got it right it could out point virtually anything.Was a great feeling; stood on windward rail withy leeward rail digging in .
At lower speeds I didnt think railing really helped but suppose it depends on design of board.

Unregistered 30th July 2011 10:25 PM

thanks guys. I've just never gotten it so I can ride with my feet on the windward rail. Seems like I am always just depressing the leeward rail.

nakaniko 1st August 2011 01:39 AM

can someone explain the proper tecnique to learn it, or link some video explaining it?

ZedZdeD 1st August 2011 02:55 AM

well I am far from understanding yet correctly how to use this board, but these video contain some railing

it is rather natural, when wind is sufficient, front foot in front upwind footstrap, then rear foot and stabilization at moderate angle; a tip : if I am not mistaken, it helps to set your wishbone relatively high

The difficulty I have for the moment is when I am in upwind footstraps, I often feel like I am too forward, even with mastfoot all the way forward, and both with 9.5 and 8.0 sails. To correct this I turn more upwind but there is sth there I do not understand correctly. If any of you fellow raceboarders can help, you are welcome.

IRL-250 1st August 2011 05:42 AM

As Ken said Rogers technique of railing is what you need to do in light winds and non planing conditions.

I have found since i have owned my Phantom the technique you use to rail the board is different from long boards of the late nineties where they were very easy to get on the rail as they railed almost by them self. The Phantom has to be coaxed up onto it's rail otherwise it will sail fairly flat upwind and how i do this is first get into my harness so i can hang off the harness and get the weight of my feet, get my feet into the beating straps and then i lift/pull up with my feet so the board pops onto it's rail. Once up there the lift from the daggerboard helps keep it on it's rail and you can really get good speed upwind like this.

One thing i have definitely learned sailing the Phantom upwind is unless it's absolutely nuking don't stick the mast foot right at the front of the track as i find the board doesn't go upwind well like this. I put the mast foot in the 5th position back from the front in light winds up to about 15-20 knots, 4th position back from the front up to 30 knots and then the 3rd position back from the front in over 30 knots and i have had no need to use the 1st & 2nd positions upwind since i have been racing my phantom. The only time the mast foot get puts at the front of the track is running down wind in light winds

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