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patrick_ARU 1st August 2011 11:03 PM

Best board(s) for 9-year old to progress!
Hi Roger,

Which board(s) would be the best choice for my 9-year old kid to progress on. She's currently learning to use the harness / planing on a 115 ltr board with a fixed dagger board, however, she has used a boards without a dagger board in the past) Soon, once she's comfortable hooking-in and planing she'll start looking for those foot straps. She just tried a 3.0 "kids sail" and controlled it very well in light wind conditions, although she usually uses a 2.5 sail because of our moderate to hi-wind conditions overhere.

The following models/sizes are available at the rental shop overhere to try out:

- Futura (Wood) 122 & 133 ltr;
- Kode 113 ltr;
- Carve 111 - 121 ltr.

Any advice in this regard will be highly appreciated. I just don't want to invest in a board that she'll quickly grow out of, but rather get her a board that she can progress into and continue to use (eventually using larger sized sails).

Other moderators or members are more than welcome to reply!!


Roger 1st August 2011 11:31 PM

How much does your daughter weigh?
I would suggest she try the Kod 113 and the Carve 111.
Does the rental shop have any smaller boards?
If she weighs what a normal 9 year old girl weighs, a board in the
85-100 liter range should work even better and can be her high wind
board when she grows a bit.
Look for 2.5 and 3.3 m2 Sailworks Retro Ripper sails.
Lots of power to get her planing, but just as light (maybe lighter) and easy tho handle/
uphaul as the 3.0 Kids rig.
If she wants to plane, can you remove the fixed center fin?
Center fins and planing are normally not terribly compatible.
Too much drag to get planing, to many control problems if she actually
does get planing.

patrick_ARU 2nd August 2011 01:27 AM

Thanks so much for your reply and advice Roger!

She's about 31 kgs. Yes, i think they do have the Kode & Carve in those sizes.
The sub-100 ltr boards available are:
-Kode 86 & 94;
- Flare 88 & 98

The 115 ltr board with the fixed "center fin" does have a plug though, which could be modified eventually.

Regarding the sails, unfortunately the only 2.5-3.0 mtr2 sails available are NP xPerience and NP One (Youth).

Any other advice/tips to help her progress into planing and footstraps will be much appreciated.


Roger 2nd August 2011 11:53 AM

Hi Patrick,
OK, 31 kgs. (68.3 lbs.)..... so very light in weight.
I would let her try the 115 liter board she has become accustomed to, bt remove the
center fin and help her to learn to stay upwind by railing the board some.
As soon as she can stay upwind on the 115 liter, let her have a go on the Kode 86 and
Flare 88.
You may find that at 31 kgs she can get the smaller boards planing a bit easier.
Sounds like she if getting good instruction and making terrific progress.
At her weight, planing on a 3.0 is quite possible in about 12-14 knots of wind.
Let her work on the footstraps at her own speed.
She may suprise you and just get into them very easily, but she may also be a little afraid
of them. Best to let her work out the "fear factor" here.
Encourage her, but avoid pushing her.
If the school has a big Start, put some footstraps on it and go out with you sitting.
Put the little rig on and let her try the footstraps in lite winds with you onboard to
ensure everything goes well.
Hope this helps,

patrick_ARU 2nd August 2011 07:19 PM

Hello Roger,

Indeed she's making terrific progress and receiving good instructions. Ok, I'll have them remove the fixed center fin off the 115 ltr board and let her practice going upwind. Forecasts for the weekend are: SAT/SUN: 22 knots & wind gusts of 25 knots. So she'll probably go back to the 2.5 NP xPerience sail.

And they do have a SB Start M & L w/ footstraps, so I'll give that a try and see how it goes. Last time I remenber her mentioning that whenever she moves back to look for the straps the board keeps turning upwind :confused:

Thanks so much for these valuable tips!!



Roger 3rd August 2011 12:13 PM

Where is the mast foot placed when she goes upwind as she moves back to the footstraps?
Also, be sure to space the straps a close together as you can (i.e. rear straps as far forward as
they will go... front straps as far back as they will go.
With tiny rigs like the 2.5, it's very difficult to get the CE in the sail back over the fin, so you need the
mast foot as far back as it will go.
Then make sure she is not weighting the upwind rail as she moves back.
Back foot over the fore/aft centerline... slip the front foot into the footstrap but do not put any weight
on it.... then slide the back foot out and into the rear strap.
Pretty improtant here that she get's hooked in so very little of her weight goes to the board.
Hope this helps,

patrick_ARU 3rd August 2011 05:58 PM

Hey Roger!

I think that the mast foot is set somewhere in the middle of the track, however I will need to verify this next time around. She's using a board with the straps setup specifically for kids and young teens.

All right we'll follow your advice and tips and will report later on the progress.

Thanks so much Roger!!



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