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jeroenmarcia 28th February 2007 02:57 AM

F160 tuning (for Ian)
Hi Ian,

After the Isonic 115, i bought the F160. I Use it with one sail: the RS6 10.7. I weight 80kg and use the standard fin supplied with the board.

I use adjustable harness lines and use variabel outhaul. I sail on a lake which can be choppy from time to time.

Can you give me some recommandations and tips about tuning this board in combination with this sail and my weight ? I will use the combo for local racing.

- Footstrap positions ?
- Mastfoot position ?
- Other fins (brand, size) ?

Thank you for you answer,


Ian Fox 1st March 2007 04:19 AM

RE: F160 tuning (for Ian)

Hi Jeroen,

For F160 and 161 fine tuning, the best info comes from Remi,
who is doing the most test and development on these two boards.

I'll ask him to comment for you :)
( I think I can guess his answers, but we will see)

Cheers ~ Ian

Remi 1st March 2007 04:56 AM

RE: F160 tuning (for Ian)
Hi Jeroenmarcia,

Patrick (78kgs) and me (90kgs) have exactly the same trim as folow :

Footstraps : all in the back and outside.
Mastfoot position : 1 cm behind the middle of all part of the track mast.

Fins : R 19 soft -- rake + 8cm under 15 knots, over we used R 13 medium or soft rake + 8cm depend of the water condition. Medium for flat water.

Boom height : eyes

Harness line : trim system 26 to 30"

Hope this can help

All the best

Meindert 1st March 2007 02:28 PM

RE: F160 tuning (for Ian)
@remi The fins you mention are for the F160?? And I suppose both are 70cm??? Thanks!

Remi 1st March 2007 03:08 PM

RE: F160 tuning (for Ian)
Hi Meindert,

Yes both of them are in 70cm.

All the best

Meindert 1st March 2007 03:35 PM

RE: F160 tuning (for Ian)

And you use the R19 and the R13 both on the F160??? I thought the R19 was for the F161??

Remi 1st March 2007 04:05 PM

RE: F160 tuning (for Ian)
Hi Meindert,

This fins work perfectly in both board, you keep the R19 longer on the F161 compare to the F160.

I am using the R19 in lght wind in the F160 since january 2006.

All the best

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