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Unregistered 12th August 2011 08:17 AM

? how to remove sale
I have an older windsurfer: Starsurf 912, with an "exel" brand sail. The sail dropped into the board no problem, but now I am unsure of how to remove the sail. It does not pull or twist out. Please help. Thanks. If it is not a simple explanation, can I please have a number to phone a technition. Thanks

Stephanie Elchuk (new to windsurfing)

Roger 12th August 2011 08:30 AM

Can you take a photo of the connection that is stuck in your Starsurf 912?
Some mast bases have a sliding square nut that slips into a track.
When you rotate the base plate it should come loose from the track and the
nut can be slid toward the front or back and removed.
If your board has a sliding (adjustable) mast track, there will be a lever on the front
or back of the little "car" that accepts the pin. Move the lever forward and back (
or up and downuntil the pin comes out of the car.
Others had a sliding wire bail that slides forward to lock, back to unlock the pin.
If you have this type simply slide the wire bail (usually they have a plastic handle)
away from the car and it will release the pin.
Aloso if you are not standing the board on it's edge (rail0 when trying to remove the
mast foot, try it on edge so there is no pressure on the pin (from the side).
I.E the mast needs to be as perpendicular as possible the the deck of your board.
Nearly all pin type bases have some sort of trigger that you need to press to be able
to turn the mast foot and get it to disengage.
If you get a photo, send it to:

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