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jary 15th August 2011 03:34 PM

fastest fin for the iSonic 117 carbon
What will be the fastest fin for the iSonic 117 in farely strong wind (5 baufort/20 knots)?


mark h 15th August 2011 09:54 PM

Sorry, not the team here. Best fins seem to be Deboichet R16 in 42cm to 46cm. Or Tectonic Talons in the same size (in the thicker 10, not 9.5)

Check this out for extra tips:

jary 16th August 2011 02:59 AM

Thank you for answering Mark.


26th August 2010 Remi showed a fin and sail chart for iSonic 2011 in this forum.
This chart recomended following setup for iSonic 117:

Deboichet SL4 : 6,5/38 ; 6,8/40 ; 7,2/42 ; 7,5/R16 44 ; 7,8/R16 44 ; 8,3/R16 44 ; 8,5/R16 46 ; 8,8/R16 46 ; 9,0/R16 46

As you see Remi recomend following fins/ sailsizes:
Deboichet SL4 42 for the sail-size 7,2 m2
Deboichet R16 44 for the sail-sizes 7,5 - 7,8 - 8,3 m2
Deboichet R16 46 the sail-size 8,5 m2

Now I have a Drake R13 Race 44 cm fin.
I combine this fin with iSonic 117 (2011) and Overdrive 7,5 (2011).
In higher speed I feel that the Drake-fin is a little to big (it drag a bit).
What additional fin should I get?

Deboichet R16 44 seems to be a little big for my 7,5 m2 sail because this fin altso is recomended for the 8,3 m2 sail (?) in the chart.
And the Deboichet SL4 42 is recomended for 7,2 m2 sail in the chart.

Wich of this fins will be the best match (conserning speed) in farely strong wind (5 baufort/20 knots)? My weight is 75 kilos.

Thank you very much for any answer.


nonopr 16th August 2011 06:07 AM

Many PWA riders have succesfully tune their boards with Vector Fins model Canefire.
Just wanted you to know.

Remi 16th August 2011 10:06 AM

Hi Jary,

Now the R16 42 is available, so this one will be perfect for your 7.5.

All the best

Andoni 20th September 2011 02:21 AM

What about the lates slalom fins from Z and Virus among others)? Any good?

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