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septy 3rd March 2007 12:06 AM

wave boards?

please help, I plan to change my ACid 77 as my only wave board and get myself 2 wave boards. One for high wind 3.3. to max. 5.0, and one for moderate wind bump&jump with 5.0 to 6.0. which can also work with 4.0 if needed
Would pure acid 68 and kombat 79 be a good choice? Can K79 cope with 6.0? I am 75 kg and prefere smaller board, but not like to be underpowered



Ola_H 3rd March 2007 02:18 PM

RE: wave boards?
Hi Septy.

First the small board: At 75 kilos you're kind of boarderline between the PA74 and 68. I'm 69 myself, and I think the PA74 is a better all round board, especially if the waves are not that good. That said, I remember when I first got on the 68 after having used a few differ 74s during the testing stage. It was like coming home and the test protocol reads "this is clearly my size". So, if you don't have to use it bigger than 5.0, want it to feel good also with a 3.3, have reasonably stable winds (or are a good schlogger) and since you say you like smaller boards, the PA68 indeed is the best choice in the Pure Acid range. The 68 has a fast an effective rocker, so it gets going early for its size. But it likes a bit more drive than the 74 to come alive on the wave.

As for the big board, I have not sailed the K79 myself, so I cant say how it will handle a 6.0. I have the K87 and have used it up to 6.3 and that really didn't feel like I was in the sail size limit for that board. With some experience in sailing small boards with bigger sail, I would guess a 6.0 on the K79 works out OK. The alternative would be to get a K87, but while the 87 is a very controllable and stable board, I would still say 4.0 is pushing it. And the 79 will "connect" much better with the PA68 anyway and be a great asset in the 5.0-5.3 range on semi-good wave days.

So, I think you had allready done your homework and picket out the best pair. PA74-K87 would be an option, but since all these baords are so effective (early planing, good upwind etc) and since you say you like to be powered up, the 68-79 seems like a better choice.

The K79 comes with a 24cm crossover fin. This one is great for B&J and might even handle a 6.0 since its kind of stiff and semi-thick profiled. The PA68 comes with a Drake Natural 21. The Naturals are remarably good wave fins but ride small. The 21 will easily take you down to 3.3. I suggest you complement these two fins with a Drake Natural 23 which will be perfect for 4.5-5.0 on the PA68 and 5.0-5.3 on the K79.

Good luck.

septy 3rd March 2007 02:53 PM

RE: wave boards?
Thanks Ola for the usefull information
I will go for PA 68 and K79


Ola_H 3rd March 2007 03:52 PM

RE: wave boards?
Nice! Report back and tell us what you think when you've sailed the boards.


curac 4th March 2007 06:37 PM

RE: wave boards?
how much floatier is the 74L pure acid.
I have a 68L pure acid and can use that down to 18knots but after that it's a fair bit of work
(i weight 80KG)
and i was thinking of getting a bigger board and sail so i can sail in about 15knots. i don't like big boards so was thinking 74L PA with a 5.5.

anyway.. does the 74L feel a fair bit more floaty?

Ola_H 4th March 2007 08:51 PM

RE: wave boards?
Even at 80 I think the 74 can take a 5.5, especielly if you're used to sailing a 68. The 74 feels quite a bit floatier and more stable in low wind, though I guess the actual volume difference is not more than 5-6 liters. I actually think these liters will make more of a difference for you at 80 than they do for me at 69. The PA74 is quite a bit wider (2cms) and that helps too for schogging. I would stiil say it is easily drivey enough though. We had a narrower proto for the 74, but the wide version that went into production was just much better balanced. I think the slightly curvier outline and drivey bottom shape complement each other perfectly and gives the board a very wide sweets spot wrt which waves it handles.

Normally I would say that for 15 knots and 80 kilo, you should go for the 80, but again, since you're coming from the 68 and have the low volume thing wired and since the shape of these boards kind of carry weight very well when it comes to the actual sailing, the 74 will probably be a big hit with you. Kevin Pritchard (around 84) was ripping big time on it during testing also in light wind (I think he was using a 5.7 on it even).

Jean-Marc 6th March 2007 02:34 AM

RE: wave boards?

The crossover 24 cm fin of the K79 feels a bit small with a 6.2 sail when the footstraps are set on the freeride mode (outboard and back). Something in the 26-28 cm range would be far better IMHO. However, when footstraps are set on the wave mode (inboard and front), it's OK, althought a pure wave fin would shine better for true waveriding (softer & more twist than the crossover fin).

Cheers !


septy 6th March 2007 03:37 AM

RE: wave boards?
Thanks JM

so, with bigger fin (eg. 26 or 28) 6.0 works OK on K79?
for bump & jump and freeride?


septy 6th March 2007 03:39 AM

RE: wave boards?
what is IMHO ? :|

Phill104 6th March 2007 03:44 AM

RE: wave boards?

septy wrote:
what is IMHO ? :|
In My Honest Opinion

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