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jpon2 26th August 2011 02:23 AM

Weed fin equivalent to Drake Shallow 410
If I am not mistaken, weed fins are labeled according not to their length but to how low they "hang" below the board. If this is correct, replacing 44cm straight fin with 44cm weed fin would result with a fin that is significantly bigger. That leads me to my question: Which weed fin would be a good replacement for the Drake Shallow 410?
Also, I noticed that GO 171L lists the fin range as 46-54cm yet it comes with a 41cm fin (in addition to 520). Why would a board be supplied with a fin outside of the recommended range?

Roger 26th August 2011 11:08 AM

The 41 cm fin is for beginners. It's a "trainer" fin.
If you are using sails > 7.0 m2, the 41 cm fin really is not very good.
> 7.0 you need the regular fin that normally comes with the GO 171.
What size rigs do you plan to use.
A 32-38 cm weed fin will normally replace a 40-48 cm vertical fin, but
sail size is the most important parameter here.

jpon2 26th August 2011 05:08 PM

Right now I have 5.0, 6.6 and 8.5 but since I had no luck using a harness I am mostly using 5m, otherwise I have a very hard time controlling the two larger rigs when the wind picks up. In general, I am having a tough time with my GO 171, spending more time in the water than on it.
After struggling with it for a couple of months, I bought a used Start 2002 in order to go back to the basics. In addition to the fins that came with both boards I have a 51cm weed fin which I am afraid might be too big considering the trainer rig I am still using. BTW, I have carpal tunnel problem in both hands which is frustrating me tremendously because it impacts by ability to hold on to a large rig. This will be taken care of over the winter. It sounds like I should not bother with smaller fins and focus on my rig handling skills in order to move up to bigger sails. I was advised that one of the secrets is to use the harness which is what I need to practice on the Start prior to returning to GO171L. So much to learn, so little time,

Roger 26th August 2011 06:38 PM

Hi jpon2,
A couple of tips that may help.
First, do you have small hands with short fingers?
If so, what is the diameter of your boom.
I had what was diagnosed as carpal tunnel years ago, (even using a harness, but with big sails and a large diameter boom).
I sailed with a doctor and she took a look at the pain and numbness I was experiencing and told me to
take some Advill after sailing, and get a smaller diameter boom.
She was correct. No surgical procedures for carpal tunnel. I've been sailing pretty large sails for 20 years
with only minor problems.
Also, as a beginner, you probably are holding very tightly to the boom with both your hands.
Loosen up...... just drape your hands over the boom so you can "play the piano" with your fingers while
You will pick up harness use eventually. Just stay with it and it will come to you. You will get tossed over the front a bunch of times, but soon you will learn to anticipate the gusts and sheet out.
Are you using a roller harness hook (Reactor Bar).
This makes it much easier to ease your sheeting angle in gusts without losing the rig.
The 51 cm fin is most likely too big.
Pick up a used 34-40 cm weed fin if you have weeds or shallow water to deal with.
Wish you were near Cape Hatteras (not today with Hurricane Irene bearing down) as I think we could
get you staying on the board alot more of the time with a few minutes of instruction.

jpon2 24th August 2012 05:17 PM

Got carpal tunnel release surgeries on both hands and I am happy as a clam. I really needed them. No more numbness. Got back onto GO 171L and loving it. Using 6.5m Gaastra Pilot. Just ordered MFC 40cm weed fin. The 52cm fin works great but it is too deep for beach starts. I noticed that beach starting (rather than uphauling) decreases how quickly I get tired which means more time on the water learning:). No progress on harness but I keep on wearing it:)

Roger 25th August 2012 01:02 AM

Glad to hear your hands and wrists are feeling better!
Sure wish you could make a trip down to Cape Hatteras.
I'd love the opportunity to see what you have learned and perhaps
offer some suggestions so you can move forward more quickly.
Come on down, not real windy here right now, but good for advancing
skill levels.
Send me an email @ sail....quik ****@*** (take out all the ....&***) if you find you can make 'the trip and I'll be sure to be here when you visit.
Improving your beachstarts, keeping you on the board nearly all the time, and getting comfortable with your harness should not take more than a day or 2.

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