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prpa 26th August 2011 07:39 PM

Code Tufskin 137 WHICH SAIL & FIN
I bought Code Tufskin 137 for my vacation spot to have 1 board for me and my son. Width74cm.

I need help with Fin & Sail selection for Me, what to buy for weather with 20+ knots. I have 100kg/190cm. In this weather sea is choppie but no waves, and I prefer freerace blasting.

I also have iSonic150(w:94cm) Board &
I also have 6,0 Gaastra swift(freeride minicam) / NP RSS 7,8 & NP RSS 9,5 Sails

Sails that I prefer is Neil Pryde, Gaastra, Nort Sails


How will freerace sails feel on this board (RSS 7,8) and which fin to choose?

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