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Robin Hood 27th August 2011 03:18 AM

New Boards
I have just returned to the UK after four years in Asia, and consequently need to buy a whole new quiver of boards and sails for use on the south coast of Wales in the UK. The sailing should involve some waves and bump and jump (it is new to me, so I am not exactly sure what the prevailing conditions will be). I am hoping to get away with one wave board and one freestyle wave board.

I would be very grateful if you could recommend a two board quiver (from the 2011 Starboard range), ideally with a suitable sail quiver that will work best with the two boards.

I have used the Kode range from 74 up, but have not used an Evo or a Quad. I am wondering whether a Quad and an Kode 94 would work. If so, please can you recommend which size of Quad would be best. I weigh 74 kilos.


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