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New Formula 167 Wide
Wow - wide tail / parallel rails or what!!:)

Remi - what fins were working well in your testing and development?

raffig 29th August 2011 10:33 PM

90 cm tail? Nearly 10 cm more than the HWR!

Being both models "Ideal for medium riders", which one should I choose for my 77 Kg? Will the 167 wide be a bit of a handful in medium-stronger winds?

Thanks for sharing any feedback regarding your tests witht these boards.

nonopr 29th August 2011 10:45 PM

I will take a chance and say that Z fins in the sizes of 76-6cm will work. Maybe a Kashy in the same size.

Remi 29th August 2011 11:36 PM

Hi All

If you go on my Facebook you will see other photos and the best fins for this board are Virus and Z Fins, no need anymore buy this Kashy crazy expensive fins to be very competitive. Now Formula Class can start to be bigger.

All the best

Remi 29th August 2011 11:38 PM

Hi Rafa

Both can be good for you, if in your place is more 6 to 20, go for the 167 Wide but if more like 18/35 go for the 167.
Have fun

All the best

TSAF 30th August 2011 12:40 AM


Remi 30th August 2011 04:21 PM


We are waiting for the average from Cobra but should be around 9.1 for this volume.

All the best

nonopr 30th August 2011 06:12 PM

Remi: if Formula class rules states that the hull shall be:
(a) The hull weight including footstraps and fin, without deckplate
and/or mastbase, shall be not less than 8.5kg.

Why starboard is not taking advantage the weight limit to make boards for Formula even lighter????
9.1 average like the past years is within range but that does not inclued the fin or straps. You guys can probably built a board that is about 7kg then add the fin about 1kg and then the straps about .5kg and you will be able to hit the class rules no problem.
What seems to be the problem with the weight??? durability? materials available?? a lighter board with stiffer material can make a big difference in 8-20 knots conditions.

Remi 30th August 2011 07:49 PM

Hi Nonopr

0.05 Kg/L is pretty good, we can make better of course but the board will be too much stiff and this is not good but also, Formula is already an expensive board. First not in Cobra and that will be really expensive.
Formula class don't need it and this shape will make a very good advantage for the next 2 years ;)

All the best

nonopr 30th August 2011 08:06 PM

Did I understand right? This board will not be made at Cobra!! Wow.

Thanks for the answer.

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