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hyper 5th March 2007 06:48 PM

Anyone had tested FALCON TT2006
I have the choice to chage my Formula Board. Some one offers me the SB2006 second hand and the Falcon TT2006 brand new..
Does anyone has tested the Falcon? What about the Falcon with ligth iwnds?
Thank you in advance

mark h 6th March 2007 05:56 AM

RE: Anyone had tested FALCON TT2006
Hi Hyper
Its got to be the SB 160. The TT2006 did'nt go down well with Fanatics team ridders. Compaired to the decent TT2004, the TT2006 looked pretty rad at first with its spoiler nose, but as most owners got to try it in various conditions, most quickly switched brands. A number of Fanatic Formula racers had no choice but to use other brands formula boards for that session as the TT2006 just was'nt working properly. 2007 saw Fanatic drop formula and consentrate on Slalom 42 much to the delight of Arnon D and crewe. Be safe and go with the SB160, top board as well.


steveC 6th March 2007 06:34 AM

RE: Anyone had tested FALCON TT2006
With the latest results on the F161, it might make sense to go all the way, despite the added cost for a 2007 model. The top three spots in the first formula contest for 2007 says a lot. Of course last years' F160 wouldn't be a loser either, given its top results in 2006. Still, it's unquestionably big to have the latest and greatest product on the market.

Mezza30 12th March 2007 09:06 PM

RE: Anyone had tested FALCON TT2006
Be careful to follow that last bit of advice! The New StarBoard F161 was designed following the specifications and requests of Antoine Albeau - Its a board that works perfectly for him. Now Albeau for want of a more flattering description is what they call a big bugger. Tall, big built, and heavier than your average.

What people have found is that the F161 is much harder to pin down in slightly heavier winds than the F160. Albeau is able to do this because of sheer size and weight but if you do not match that physicality you will struggle to keep the board on the water when the wind comes up. If you are 90+ kilos and over 6 foot, I am sure its faster than anything out there.

Remi 12th March 2007 10:29 PM

RE: Anyone had tested FALCON TT2006
Hi Mezza30,

Sorry, before to put this board in production we test it with many different rider from 60 kgs to 100 kgs. And for all of them the new F 161 is beter than the F 160. So it's definitely not a board built only for Antoine.

You just have to trim your board with the right fin.

All the best

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