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dimdom 6th March 2007 12:47 AM

evo or acid

I'm actually looking for buying a new wave board. I'm a thin guy (1.78m 65kg) sailing :
- during summer in strong wind at Guincho, Maroco, Tarifa, Leucate or softer condition in La tranche sur Mer (France, 15-20 knots and choppy water)
- during winter in side or side onshore wave conditions at Ile de RĂ© (albeau country) or La tranche from 15 to 35 knots

I had for a few years an acid 78l wild surf with sails sizes ranging (2.8) 3.7 to 5.8 m2 ... a wonderfull board for surfing but too small in soft and choppy water for freestyle and too big for me in strong wind.
Last year I buyed a freestyle_wave board of 95l for light wind and choppy water (freestyle) or really small wave
Now I want to replace my old acid 78l by a smaller and slightly more compact wave board (sails 5.3m2 to 3m2) for side and side on conditions.

Evo 62 2006 seems to be too small for 5.3m2, Evo 70 2006 seems better but is it still good for 62kg in long bottom or strong wind, is the acid 73l 2006 really more controlled in strong conditions compared to my actual 78l (only a difference of 5L but more compact). Have you an idea for this crucial choice?

Thanks and sorry for my poor English of froggy


Ola_H 6th March 2007 02:28 AM

RE: evo or acid
Hi dimbom,

Its not so easy to give exact advice in your situation. One thing that makes it tricky is that you don't have experience from a smaller board (at least not according to what you write). That means me kind of hesitant in recomending the EVO 62 even though at your weight it will handle 5.3 if you just can cope with the low volume. The 62 is really the best all round size at your light weight when high wind performance is part of the equation. But even if you would be comfortable on only 62 liters, the gap to 95 liters is kind of big.

So, the next step is the EVO 70. That shape is more drivey and "high wind oriented", so it still handles 3.5 sailing surprisingly good once you're use to the shape. The EVO 70 is in fact my fav EVO (I'm 68kg). I would say it handles long bottom turns and fast cutbacks even for a lightweight like me. I would even say it does this in a very natural way, especially regarding the bottom turn part. BUT, it will probably take a bit of time to tune your style to this type of sailing on the EVO 70. Vertical and pocket style riding comes super naturally on this board and for the lower part of your wind range it will definitely be spot on.

The PA73 has a similar performance spectrum as the E70, but prefers more drawn out turns. I personally think it get hectic in strong wind a bit earlier than the 70, but that depends on how you ride it.

EVO 62: A sensational experience of "perfect fit" for a lightweight, but that also means small feeling in gusty conditions. If you feel your 95l covers "bad" 5.3 stuff well enough, the 62 is an option. Super sweet cut back.

EVO 70: The sweet spot is more in the 4.5-5.3 range for your weight but for its size it still handles strong wind GREAT. An extremely good all round wave board that prefers a vertical style.

PA73: Similar sweet spot as the E70, but maybe a bit less good in really windy stuff. More difficult in slower waves and prefers a more drawn out turn.

Please ask again of you want more clarification.

Jean-Marc 6th March 2007 02:39 AM

RE: evo or acid
Hi Ola,

Curious to know what's your thought about PA68 for Dim's agenda ?

Cheers !


Ola_H 6th March 2007 12:15 PM

RE: evo or acid
I didn't comment on the PA68 since I assumed he was looking at 06 boards. PA 68 would be a very good size for him. It has a very fast and effective bottom shape and get going early but its still a smaller board than the EVO70 and I don't think the 68 handles smaller waves or bigger sails as well. Like the PA 73 it prefers a more drawn out turn (most noticable in smaller waves) but the feel of the 07 PA 74 and 68 actually differs noticably from that of the PA73.

dimdom 8th March 2007 11:22 PM

RE: evo or acid
Thanks Ola

I have tested the evo 70 2006 two days ago in on-side on 1.5 meter wave conditions, under and then oversized with a 4.75m2 sail... Really easy board for me, wonderfull for surfing and jumping but a bit difficult to drive it on choppy water when oversized in sail : to answer to your question I had a 70l pin tail wave board before which was also easy for me in terms of flotabillity without wind. If the evo 62 works well with 5.3 (18-20knots), my choice is difficult as it will be not easy to test it (the feeling seems different to the EVO 70 according to your different answers in the forum) and the EVO 70 still offers a better control in high wind in comparison to my previous acid 78. In any case the Evo choice is now an evidence for me but for the size???? (perhaps I will try to change my freestyle wave board of 98l for a 85l)

Just another questions: what is the maximum sail size on the evo 70 for my weight? What are the fin size ranges and the type of wave fin for the biggest sail you use on both board ?


Ola_H 9th March 2007 03:09 AM

RE: evo or acid
OK, so EVO it will be.

The EVO 70 easily handles 5.3 at your weight. I've used it up to 5.9, but thats stretching it. 5.6 is probably the practical limit. And since, as you wrote, offers better control in high wind than your current board maybe the 70 indeed is the ideal all round wave board. I think you will master driving it though chop better with some experience on the board. Its a bit about just letting the board bounce around under you a bit and keep the drive on. The board has a way of handeling the bouncing by itself. I have no worries myself using the E70 in powered up 3.5 conditions (but the 62 is of course still much easier wrt this).

The 62 is most noticably easier in a top turn. Its a looser feeling board overall so even though its narrover and smaller than the 70, I wouldn't say it handles big fast waves better. With the videos from the CV WC event fresh in mind, one can maybe picture how Kauli rides to get the character of the 62. You don't need to be Kauli to be able to sail it though (its actually very easy to use) but it kind of wants to go up-down the wave even more than the 70.

But the question is how it handles 5.3. 5.0 is definitely no problem. 5.3 starts to get boarderline. It doable and for planing and stuff its still effective, but you start to get into a range where the sail and board just don't balance so well. I would say that its OK if you once in a while get good fast waves where adding a 5.3 will make a difference in getting out and around but if you need to use it with 5.3 regularly, in messy and onshore stuff, maybe underpowered and so on, the board will be to much work.

Fins: I used to have lots of differnt types of wave fins in differnt sizes for differnt conditions. Now I ONLY use the drake naturals. They have this magnificient range which means you can trim the feel they deliver by changing size (relative a given set of conditions). Note that these fins sail small. The 24 for example, kind of feel like your regular 22 wave fin.

On the 70:
21 3.5-5.0
22 4.0-5.3
23 4.5-5.5
24 5.0-5.6

On the 62 I use
21 3.5-4.7
22 4.0-5.0
23 4.5-5.3

I've tried the 62 with the 24. You can use this combo to really stretch the perfornamce on onshore:is 5.3 conditions, but the board actually starts to suffer in turning performance. In contrast, the 70 easily handles the 24.

A note: both the 62 and 70 are driveier in 07 versions. The 07 62 feels a bit more secure at higher riding speeds. The 07 70 is easier in a fast cutback. The 06 boards are not bad in any way and theree is always a matter of what deal you can get, but I honestly think that both the 70 and 62 have been tweaked in a direction where they will be more all round for you compared to the 06 versions.

dimdom 9th March 2007 05:18 PM

RE: evo or acid
Wonderfull answer again ...

It's really interesting to khnow that you always use the drake fins (with some flex) instead of onshore ones even at guincho for example when wind is sometimes on or side onshore. I think I will follow your choice for the EVO 70.

Thanks for everything

Ola_H 9th March 2007 06:42 PM

RE: evo or acid
Before I had a sett of thin and fairly flexy fins for powered sideshore, some thin but stiffer ones for powered onshore and some thicker profiled fins for general underpowered sailing where upwind was a factor. Then , upsizing the thin fins to handle underpowered pwind didn work so well since you affected the turnability of the boards to much.

The Drakes seem to do less harm to the board even when used bigger so at slower speeds you can safely upsize them. If you sail powered up and at speed, the Naturals start to deliver more power and you don't need to use them as big. But at the same time they handle fast straight line sailing really well also when used big, so for x on powered up stuff where you fast on the way out but maybe not so fast on the wave, you can use the Naturals fairly big.

All these aspects is what made me sell all my other fins and just use a (big) quiver of Naturals.

BTW, the 06 EVO 70 can be seen in action in powered up 3.5 sailing (small waves though) in the movie link below (81MB) and in some cross on 4.5 sailing in Guincho in the pics on the second link.



clovus 14th March 2007 07:44 AM

RE: evo or acid
hiya dimdom,

It sounds like you've got your mind made up already, but I thought I might chime in as I'm almost your height and weight (64kgs), I tend to sail in the ocean with small waves. Oh, and I own a 05 evo70 DRam and '06 evo62 wood. I'm certainly not as good a sailor as Ola and probably won't be able to give such comprehensive answers but heres my take on it...

I have used the evo70 with a 5.8 and a 24cm fin. No problems with performance when compared to a larger board, such as my kombat 95. But you lose the turny, loose 'evo' feeling. Instead it seems to hold direction a bit longer, almost a bit sticky. With my 5.2 ezzy it feels perfect. It handles strong wind and chop suprisingly well, as Ola seaid, it doesn't tend to hold one particular line, or slice through chop, but find its own way. Its constantly moving, adjusting itself upwind, downwind, but only very slightly.

I use my evo62 with the 5.2 and its fine, takes a bit to get going, but once on the plane its nice and still has that 'evo' feeling to it. I do notice it bogs a bit more when turning then the evo70 with that combo. Dunno, it might be my clumsy feet. My favourite sail size is a 4.75 with that board. I hardly get to use it with my 4.0 and those days are pretty rare here.

I don't think you can go wrong with the evo70. Even though the evo62 is really amazing, the evo70 is my favourite board, it makes your sailing better as everything so easy.
good luck

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