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Ton 1st September 2011 12:23 AM

How hard can it be ? GO Windsurf 171 or Go 151
Dear people,

I'm living in Holland and me and my son want to start windsurfing. The last time I stood on a "door" was 20 years ago. Now I'm looking for a board that suits me as well as my son (12). I read a lot of articles about the GO 151 with centre fin and the GO windsurfer. And now I don't know it any more :(. So please you help in choosing the right board.

Some things you have to know in order to help me out here:
I'm 88 kilo's, was able to surf (or more sailing :) ) and want to start again. But I don't want to buy a new board within the next couple of years. Ofcourse my son is a 100% beginner and needs to learn it. Ofcourse he will get a smaller sail etc. But I want to buy one board that is usefull for both. I want to surf form 1-3 knots till 16-21 knots.

And now the big question: which board should I buy ? GO windsurfer 171 with daggerboard or the GO 151/171 with centre fin ?

Please help me out.

Thnx, Ton

MarcoM 1st September 2011 04:16 AM

Not a team member, but hope I can help

decisions are always hard. Do I make the right choice or not?

In your case I would go for The Go 151. why?
You have more choices in what kind of level you want to surf and for the wind you mention the 171 is very big (16-21kts)
If you want to go with the modern kind off surfing (shorter and wider)
Just let go of your old know-how. It is new. and you get used to the new boards very quickly. Even your boy who doesn't know anything about surfing.
My kids went on the board and after 1 hour they where surfing on a Futura 133 with a 2,5m sail.:) ( 9 and 13 years old).

If you change the fins ( as mentioned in the productpage) you can easely adjust your level
I don't think you will use the daggerboard from the GO windsurfer after a short period.

hope this helps

Ton 1st September 2011 04:23 PM

Marco, thanks for your quick answer. (ofwel bedankt). You are right, I have to look at the present and a lot happend in the last 20 years :). The boards and technology improved hughly. So a dagger board seems to be outdated. But why does Starboard introduce a new model with dagger board ? One of the advantages is that you can remove it. But I think you have already convinced me to go for the 151. Can you also advise me what kind of rig I need ? 6 or 6.5 ? As mentioned I want to use the board from 3 knts till 21 knts.

Why do you say the 171 is too big with 21 kts ? what do you mean by that.

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Rgds, Ton

Sailboarder 1st September 2011 08:06 PM

I am you weight and restarted last year after a 20 year hiatus.

Daggerboard are not outdated. They are great on longboards. They allow you to go anywhere you want, even when the wind drops down. I sail on a lake, so I can launch from where I want, go quickly to a good windline using the daggeboard, blast around with the daggerboard up, and come back. Many intermediate and all beginners not using daggerboard here will choose the launch point very critically to make sure they will be able to sail very close to it.

The GO are optimized for planning. When on the plane, you don't use the daggerboard at all. On the GO windsurfer, the daggerboard will be used for to glide in low winds, or to go upwind for someone lacking the skills in medium wind. The glide will not be great because of the width of the board. The daggerboard is more or less a safety feature in my opinion.

There was a lot of improvement with the rigs in 20 years. They are more stable than they were, and dampen the gusts with their twisting leach. I restarted with my an old 6m2. I was overhelmed in 15 knots. My newer 7.5 m2 no-cam freeride sail (Ezzy) is much easier to use in that wind, and I don't change it until close to 20 knots. You should buy a similar sail. I am now looking for a 9.5 m2 sail to extend my planing range in low wind. My kids (30 and 45 kg) use 2.5 and 3.2 m2 sails.

With 21 knots, you will be planing fast and there will be some chop on the water. A large board will bounce around on the water, seemingly having a life of it's own. That's why smaller board are nice in these conditions.

Ton 1st September 2011 09:02 PM

Sailboarder, this helps a lot. If I understand you correctly I need a longboard with daggerboard that's not that width. What kind of board do you recommend ? Rio S or Fanatic Viper or ???

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Sailboarder 2nd September 2011 07:52 AM

The best is to try boards if you can before buying.

I managed to try an old longboard, a Large Start and a 139 l Go. I could easily ride the 3. The rest of the family is much lighter and could well balance on the 70 cm longboard too. I also learned that the Start is great for adult total beginers (they need super stability), but are very slow and not nice in low wind ,and too large on high wind. Not a board that I would keep. I also learned that the Go is a nice board, but it has to go also on top of the car when the family is with me. Living in a low wind area, the longboard made sense for us. If you live in a medium wind area, maybe you're better with a shortboard and the Go 151 will be perfect.

For a longboard, the longer the better since it is faster in low wind. Width of around 70 cm is faster if you have previous experience. On my shortlist was the Phantom 320 and the Kona One. The Phantom is better equiped with a mast track, more strap positions. I guess it is faster. Look for the videos on this forum by ZedZed, it will give you a good idea of the board capability. The Kona One is probably more maneuvrable, and also simpler to use. Is is covered by a soft deck. I had a great deal for a slightly used one so I went for it. I just love my Kona, it's perfect for us. Unfortunately, I have never ridden another modern longboard. They are very rarely seen on the water around here.

Again, test whatever roughly suitable board on the water. You will learn from this and will be able to make a perfect choice for you.

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