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John Kemsley 25th August 2006 01:07 PM

Replace HS111
Hi Roger, always glad to get your advice, I am still 90+ kg, sail range 4.5, 5.4, 6.6, 7.8 and 9.4.

I had a GO165 and a HS111, both awsome boards.

I recently was offered and bought a HS133, I tried it and the exta volume makes it so much more comfortable than the 111 in marginal winds, and I think my weight will keep it on the water till its really blowing.

I am now intending to replace the HS111 and get a board suitable for high wind choppy conditions. I still think I need to be over 100 ltrs and am looking at iether an S type of Carve (probably 2004/5 model), any suggestions?



Roger 29th August 2006 10:23 AM

RE: Replace HS111
Hi John,
I think you plan sounds good.
I would look at the Carve 111, the S-Type 104 and the Kombat
106 for your higher wind board.
Even at your weight you could go down to about 95 liters and still be able to stand on the board when it' not moving, but it would not be easy.
If you want more info, just ask. There are some differences between these 3 boards, but all would work nicely for you , it just depends on which performance "features" you wish to focus on.
Hope this helps,

John Kemsley 1st September 2006 04:41 PM

RE: Replace HS111
Thanks Roger

Will look for a replacement when !!! is sold. Had the 133 out last weekend with a 9.4 Lighting rigged, awsome combination.


John Kemsley 1st September 2006 04:46 PM

RE: Replace HS111

Do you think a 04 Carve 90 would be to small?


Roger 1st September 2006 10:09 PM

RE: Replace HS111
Hi John,
Hmmmm.... The "Hyper" Carve 90 is sure one sweet board, but if you
found the Hypersonic 111 too small, I think you will find the Hyper Carve 90 to be really small.
I kept a mint condition Hyper Carve 90 out of my '04 demo fleet because it's really a unique little board. Fast, easy to sail, really smooth over the chop.
If you said you were getting a board in the 105-115 liter range (I think an '06 iSonic or S-Type would be really good here) then the '04 Hyper Carve 90 would be an excellent choice, but my guess is you will find the 90 a bit of a "jump" down from your Hypersonic 133.
Lot's of good choices here.
I know you normally do not buy new boards, but if you could find an 125 or 135 (to replace your HS 133 which is both wonderful and frustrating to sail); an iSonic or S-Type 115, and the Hyper Carve 90 you would probably never buy another board unless you take up wavesailing, freestyle, or start racing in Formula.
Hope this helps,

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