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Juca 6th September 2011 10:00 PM

Worn-out footstrap screw holes on Kombat 2008
Both holes on my preferred footstrap position have been worn out (screws snapping out and not tightening back in), so my use of the board depends on a fix for this seemingly minor issue...

Using standard Drake footstraps, with the screws (and anti-twist washer) that came with it.

I read elsewhere on the forum that using a bigger screw might be the solution.
If so, can you guys send me a bunch of those?

Thanks very much, all help much appreciated!
Juca (NYC)

Juca 8th September 2011 03:08 AM

Found on another thread to use 7 mm x 1.00 x 32 mm PT screws to solve this issue.

Can anyone tell me how to get those larger screws (not obvious from the thread)?

Many thanks!

Roger 8th September 2011 03:34 AM

Send an email to the Starboard Distributor in your country.
If that does not get a result, send an email to Remi Vila or
Tiesda You at Starboard HQ.
These 7mm x 1.00 pitch x 32 mm long Plastics Tech screws are
used on many of the new Starboard footstraps in the last 2 years.
Be sure to lubricate the screws with soap before installing them
and be sure to use a high quality #3 Phillips screwdriver with a
hardened tip (usually the tip is black.
Hope this helps,

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