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zalcort 12th September 2011 01:10 AM

Hard choice
Hello Kevin, my *name is Luca, I am Italian, I need some advice, look at the following data:*
- surfer weight: 75kg*
- Height surfer: 180 cm
- Experience: Slalom (always done that for over 15 years)
- Conditions spots. Wind: 12 to 18 knts pretty gusty.*
-Wind direction: north-west.*
-Sea conditions: Flat / light chop (slalom conditions)
- Sailing most frequently used: Neil Pryde RS Racing 7.8. (I do not use bigger sails.)
My question: whitch board should I buy: *ISonic 107 lt or ISonic 117lt.*
And what fins should I take for maximum speed?
Thank you so much ... good job ...

mikerb 27th September 2011 04:33 AM

Hi mate,
I am the same height and just a little heavier than you. In those sort of winds and especially if the water is relatively flat I would be using the higher volume board which would get up on the plane quicker, go through any lulls much better and give plenty of float if the wind died completely. It would also be easy to uphaul if the wind died. I would use 7 and 7.8 camber sails with 44/46 cm slalom fin... I use select S11. At the top end of your wind range the smaller board might be marginally faster but only if the wind is constant.

Kevin Pritchard 25th February 2013 07:56 PM

Go with the 107. That board has tons of range!

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